Tuesday, April 29, 2008

15 year olds dude

Ohhh Roger Clemens. The Rocket. As a kid, i hung your posters on my bedroom wall. I collected your baseball cards, i still have your rookie card. I stuck with you when you betrayed the Red Sox and left them for their nemesis the Blue Jays and then went on to the Yankees. I was even happy for you when won the World Series even though i hate the Yanks. Your powerful arm and longevity reminded us of the great Nolan Ryan. You were a fierce and intense competitor with a menacing demeanor and a respectable passion for the game. Then you went and took steroids, i have no doubt. But i could probably have let that slide seeing as you were probably only one of hundreds that did the same. But then you had to lie about. You had to go around capitol hill glad-handing congressman. You turned on your loyal trainer. You betrayed your friend Andy Pettite. Lies, lies and more lies flew from your mouth. And now this. A 15 year old, dude. As a MLB All-Star and multiple Cy Young winner, I'm sure you could have been with any woman you wanted but instead, while you were married, you chose a 15 year old girl. Before you took steroids, your head must have already been bigger than your home state of Texas. Mindy Mcready owned up to it. Andy Pettite owned up to it. You have nothing left but to own up to the truth. Accept your rapid demise. Fess up to your wife. Fess up to Congress and MLB. Suck it up. You screwed up. Own up to it and quit with the lies. You are just getting more and more pathetic. Heroes rise and heroes also fall....

Monday, April 28, 2008

Offense, Offense, and More Offense

Well another draft day, or should I say weekend, passes and what did we get? More offense. I may be wrong about this, but aren't we a pretty damn good offensive team. Isn't our weakness, the defense. That being said, Bill Polian is probably the smartest man in the NFL, and he usually does us right, as the Zoo pointed out. But three o-linemen, a running back, and more receivers. Geesh. Half those players probably won't even make the team. Still on the board in the third round was Antoine Cromartie's (yes, he of 4 picks against Peyton) little brother, who by all accounts is more gifted than his big bro. That's just down right scary. And were we even looking to trade for Jason Taylor? I understand he's getting older and has a huge contract, but imagine the pass rush we could put on with him and Freeney. Once again, scary. But that's why Polian builds championship caliber teams year after year, and I huck cases of wine around day after day. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
And now back to the NBA playoffs. I can't remember a time with more parity and excitement. Probably not in my lifetime to be honest. I don't like him as much as the next guy, but Kobe is unreal. We just may be watching one of the best ever. It pains me to say that, but I think it's true. And man would I love to see KG get a ring. He may be my favorite player of all time (sorry Reg). His game is out of control and he plays with such passion and fire (take note Big Boring Duncan). This is definitely his best, if not last shot. The only thing detracting from this years run for the title is the absurd amount of flopping going on. Pay attention Ginobli, and the whole Spurs team for that matter, you're making the game worse. I heard Kim Jung Stern on the Dan Patrick show the other week, and when asked what he thought about all of the flopping going on, he astounded me with his answer. He wants to possibly suspend players for egregious flops that effect the outcome of the game. I, for one, think it's a great idea. Flopping is basically cheating. The refereeing in he NBA, however lame you think it is, is incredibly difficult. And to deliberately trick the officials into thinking you were fouled is cheating, no other way around it. As much of a soccer fan as I am, it's the worst part of that game, and it's snuck it's way into the NBA. I can't actually believe I'm saying this but, go for it dictator, I mean commish.

the Dude

Sunday, April 27, 2008


well, i hope you didn't waste your weekend watching the most over hyped event in all of sports, the NFL draft. yes, ESPN has a huge case of overkill. and i want to kill mel kiper jr. fortunately, we won't have to look at his ugly mug until this time next year. At least they shortened the selection times in hopes of streamlining the tedium. I mean who recognizes more than 15 or 20 players of the 2 or 3 hundred that are selected? the only player that the Colts drafted that i recognize is their 202nd pick, Mike Hart from Michigan. seems like a great pick that late in the draft and he could be a good combo with Jo Addai. we also drafted 2 tight ends....uhhh Dallas Clark. and we drafted 3 centers (yes, 3)...uhhh Jeff Saturday. apparently our first pick, center Mike Pollack from Arizona State will be trying to fill in at guard with the loss of Jake Scott. we also added a defensive end, a linebacker and a wide receiver (hopefully the WR won't see much turf this year marvin harrison). well, i dont know anything about most of these guys but i must say i trust Bill Pollian. after all, he chose Edge over Ricky Williams and Peyton over Ryan Leaf. not to mention choosing 2 undersized players in Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney that others doubted simply because of their size. all i got to say is Pro Bowlers!
if the Horse can stay healthy next year and get a little out of this draft class i think we could be looking at another run at some rings.
zoo out

Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's only the first round, but the drama is top notch in the NBA. so many intriguing questions and we get to sit back and let the answers play themselves out. Can the 76ers actually knock off the old boys from Detroit? Who is the MVP? kobe and CP3 are playing out of their minds. can you say co-MVP? Will T-Mac ever make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs? If Denver, Dallas and Phoenix lose in the first round, what will happen to their teams in the offseason. Can you say powder keg? If they blow it up, Larry Legend better be their to pick up some pieces. We know about Chris Paul, but are the Hornet for real? Are they good enough to hang the banner? And what about the C's of Baawston? Can they add to the multitude of banners that hang above the parquet? And then there's the reigning Eastern Conference champs, can Bron-Bron lead the Cavs back to the finals? Will Flop Ginobli and Boring Duncan ruin another NBA finals? Is the Toronto/Orlando series relevant? Ahhhhh! so many questions require just as many answers...sit back and enjoy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm Back

Now that my interweb connection is back where it needs to be, I can join the Zoo once again with my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Let's get down to business. First things first, to wrap up the college basketball season, I think the hiring of Tom Crean as IU's new coach is a great hire. He's sorta old school and I think that's what that program needs. Plus he got great talent to go play at Marquette, so just think what he can do down in B-town. Hoosier fans may need to be patient though, as the team my get new sanctions and players may leave the program. I guess, we'll just have a to wait until November and see. Next let's talk some NBA. The Pacers mercifully did not make the playoffs and will enter June's lottery draft. This years draft may not be too deep, but I think there are some players in the top 10 that may be able to address some of our problems. Derrick Rose may be the #1 pick, but if he slips or we can trade up we can finally get rid of JT. We also need to look at what front court talent is out there. We definitely lack depth at the size positions. The Simons and Larry both promise changes and with Donnie now in NY, we'll really see what kind of GM Bird will be. And finally moving on to the playoffs. The West is just absolutely sick. There is no such thing as an upset over here. Right now it looks as if LA and Utah are the teams to beat, in my opinion. The Lakers just have so much fire power and if they get Bynum back healthy look out. And the Jazz may be the most under rated team in the league. Boozer is a beast and Derron Williams is strong point guard who is will to take and make big shots. Plus, I think they only lost 4 games at home this year. Back in the East it looks like a two horse race between the Celtics and Pistons. Both teams have veterans and know how to win. But let's not discount the Cav's. Lebron is a man, and can put that team on his shoulders (last year game 6 in the D anyone). But the NBA will want the Lakers vs. Celtics, and you know Adolf Stern will do what he can to make that happen. One last thought, is anyone paying attention to how bad Seattle is getting the shaft out here. They may very well have played their last game in the god-awful Key Arena, but it will be a shame. You (and the NBA) knew that the owners from Oklahoma were going to move the team to OKC, but how shady was it. To lie to the city and fans and tell them that they would do everything they could to keep them there and then find some BS reason to move them is ridiculous. All with the blessing of the dictator, I mean commissioner Mao Tse Stern. When will somebody finally stand up to this world-class turd fondler. I just hope someone does before it's too late and the NBA turns into MLB. Well kids, that's all for now. Zup.

the Dude

Sunday, April 6, 2008

nobody got nuthin'

well, according to our poll, nobody picked Kansas or Memphis, so i guess we should all keep our regular jobs. damn...
both teams posted impressive victories saturday. Kansas jumped out to a quick 20+ point lead over Carolina and never looked back. I'm actually kinda happy that Kansas got a chance to stick it to Roy W. Memphis just looked plain goooood in its W over UCLA. D. Rose showed he is NBA worthy, while K. Love could probably use another year or 2 of college rock. Me, i gotta take Memphis on monday.
meanwhile, don't sleep on the NBA, every single game in the West has playoff implications. I'm pickin whatever team comes out of the East to win it all, though. i just think whatever team makes it to the finals from the West is going to be physically and mentally drained from the pressure of the playoff race and what i expect to be some seriously intense playoff matchups.
but, hey, that's me

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Word on the street is that the Hoosiers are close to signing Tom Creen from Marquette. Unfortunately for him he may be coming in to a team with no returning starters. Dakich dismissed jamarcus ellis and armon basset from the team, DJ is out, Gordon is probably not returning. So we're probably gonna have to suck it up for a few seasons and see if TOmmy can get this program back to prominence.
Bring it Tommy. Do Work.