Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wicky Wicky Wack

OOOOOOOh Colts...what are you doing to me. I thought it might be a down year as far as regular season wins goes but this is making me nervous. 1-2 and 0-1 in the AFC South, 2 games behind Tennessee (3-0). i guess i'm just used to winning the first 9 or 10 games of the season. we're just gonna have to do it the pre-peyton-manning-colts way which is to scratch and claw our way into the playoffs. The good news is that the Colts aren't the only ones out of wack, the whole AFC is a little out of wack. the Chargers and Browns are off to slow starts, the patriots won't make the playoffs without lady brady (yeah i said it), surely the Bills and Titans can't sustain their fast starts and Old Brett Favre may not be the saviour the J-E-T-S were hoping for. so we have room to improve and i think we will only get better. we have a bye week and though i don't usually like early bye weeks, i'll take it this year. we need Ugogh, Saturday, Clark and Sanders healthy. Then we have Peyton, Marvin and Dwight fresh off surgeries. I think they will only get stronger as they get deeper into the season. So, if we can get past this early funk, we can get hot when it counts, and that's late in the season and going into the playoffs, where we will make our way to Tampa on Feb. 1 to pick up our second Lombardi trophy. Party at my house...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We were this close (imagine me holding my thumb and index finger centimeters apart) from starting the season 0-2, before Manning and the offense decided to show up. As I predicted earlier, Peterson ran rough shod over our D, but the boys managed to keep them out of the end zone. And the offense in the first half? Sputter! I didn't get to watch the game, but saw extended highlights; mostly Peyton on the carpet, a lot, in the Metrodome. Then, perhaps, the play that may change our season: a 58 yard pass to Tony, who then lateraled to Reggie to get it to the one yard line, to be punched in by Addai. That seemed to wake up the offense, which also scored on a 37 yarder to Reg. You never know, sometimes plays like that flip the proverbial switch.

A few other thoughts from the game:

Still no Saturday. Come on big boy, we need you desperately, ask Addai.

No seriously, Addai only had 20 yards on 15 rushes. This needs to change in a hurry.

I think I read that Bob tweaked an ankle...GREAT

Where's Marvin? No receptions? This is something to keep an eye on...

Especially with the emergence of Anthony (Tony) Gonzalez, who had 9 catches for 137 yards. Watch your back Marv (and that doesn't mean get your piece out).


But a win's a win and maybe we shook some more rust off. We have the Jags at home next week, who if we're smart, we'll put away and start them off 0-3. GO HORSE!!!

the Dude

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The 08 NFL Report

Finally, we're back after a little Olympic hangover, helped along with the monotony of baseball season. But football's back in full swing in both the pro's and the college ranks. The Colts season got off to an inauspicious beginning with a loss to the Chicago Bears to open brand spankin' new Lucas Oil Field. It was almost painful to watch us struggle against such mediocre opponents, but to be fair we're still rusty, with a lot of our starters coming off injury or resting weary bones during most of the pre-season. To be honest, Peyton looked average at best, coming off that "minor" knee surgery, and of course no Saturday last Sunday. Supposedly he'll be back at center tomorrow, but we'll see. The defense, you ask: well they looked in mid-season form giving up over 100 yards to a rookie, Matt Forte, I've never even heard of. Next up, Adrian Peterson. Could we actually start of the season 0-2? We need to get our poop in a group, knock the rust of and ball. We play in the second most difficult division in football and an 0-2 start could really hurt our chances of winning the division.

And now for the good news: The Cheaters got a little taste of Karma last weekend, when Pretty Lady Brady (thanks Zoo) went down with a season ending knee injury. Now, supposedly no one wants to see anyone get hurt, but let's not lie to ourselves. I was actually laughing out loud. That Karma chick is a vengeful little bitch, huh Cheaterchik. I'm just anxious to see how they try and cheat their way out of this one. Maybe try and hurt all the other starting QB's in the league, Tonya Harding style? Have the commish change the rules for them again, stating that all teams must only play their second string QB? Or, just good old fashioned bribing the league? It was a weird first week in the NFL, could be a weird season. All I have to say is GO HORSE!!!

the Dude