Saturday, May 31, 2008

Showtime vs. The Big Three Redux

So the NBA, and most of it's fans, got their wish last night, as the Celtics held of the Pistons to head to the finals to face the Lakers. Honestly, I'm stoked about this finals. After a rejuvenated regular season, this is the best finals match up the league could offer. Don't get me wrong, I really don't like either of these franchises, but it's the best thing for the NBA. Two big markets, on both coasts, with plenty of star power. KG vs. Gasol, Ray Allen vs. Kobe, and let's not forget the bad blood between, that Zen wannabe, Phil Jackson and the late Red Aurbach. The Garden and the Forum are gone along with Bird and Magic, but this should be exciting. As for my prediction, I'll take the Late Show in 6 games. They just have to much fire power, and with my apologies to Zoo, they have the best player in the game in Kobe. Get ready for a fantastic finish to the best NBA season in a long time.

the Dude

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Live from Naptown

It's 12:45 pm EST, less than a half hour from the start of "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing", the Indianapolis 500. I have to tell you that I've got the fever. I haven't been this excited about the race since I was a wee lad. I think that my sister and I are the only 2 people in the whole city who aren't going to the race. We both actually had the opportunity to, but my flight leaves at 4 pm this afternoon. So, we'll just have to listen to it on the radio, which is also a tradition in it's own right. This is the first race with CART and IRL both in the 500. The excitement is back and you can feel it in the city. It's race weekend and I love it.

the Dude

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My 2 Cents

So, Zulu gave you most of the facts, and I won't bore you with going over them again as much as possible. But, the fact remains that the Patriots, under the hoodie were caught cheating...for 8 years. And what does Roger Bush, I mean Goodell, do with the evidence? He destroys it. Sound familiar? Enron, Nixon, the list goes on. Conspiracy theories are what they are, but when evidence is destroyed, you have to think twice about them being a theory. And now once again, we have Congress (at least Arlen Spectre) calling for an independent investigation. That's overkill, but I do think we have the right to know the truth. If there truly is nothing on those tapes, then so be it. But I highly doubt it. Apparently, we live in a world of cheaters, or suspected cheaters. Presidential elections have been questioned (twice), sacred baseball records are now tainted, and the Patriots "dynasty" is clearly under scrutiny. As beautiful a day as it is here in Stumptown, the City of Roses, Bridgetown, it's a sad day in the world of sport for this Dude. What next Lakers vs. Celtics made possible by some controversial call?

the Dude

P.S. Zoo is right, it is not wise to upset a Wookie. Just ask anyone who's ridden in a automobile with him



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

billy cheaterchik

spygate is officially over. finally. apparently nothing new came from matt walsh' tapes. but he did say that he was told by billy cheaterchik not to get caught. which means that billy cheaterchik lied when he said he didnt know it was against the rules to do what he was doing.
so apparently he had a library of video that he compiled over 8 years. which means every game they played, he had a video he could go to in preparation for the game. so the BS excuse of ' well we didnt use the video taken during that game to gain an advantage during that same game' doesnt fly because they used it for the next game. and if you're the colts and you play the patsies 3 times a year then that most certainly gives the cheaters an advantage.
And for those who say this practice did not give them a competitive advantage, i ask, then why did they do it.
and now to a statement made by the patsies organization in which they tried to defend themselves saying that they didnt tape the rams walk thru before that super bowl and that everyone needs to stop trying to take that from them. whoaaaaaa...your coach is found guilty of cheating for 8 years and you are trying to rectify one game? besides, im sure billy cheaterchik already had a tape of the rams from a previous game. how about a statement that says were sorry for cheating.
and now to the punishment...billy cheaterchik was fined and the patsies were fined. do you think those small amounts of money means anything to these people? hell no! they got plenty of scrilla. then they took a 1st round draft pick. ok thats not bad. but ask pacman jones what he thinks should have happened to bily cheaterchik? pacman was suspended for over 1 year for off the field incidents (i am in no way defending pacs actions) that had nothing to do with football. billy cheatrchik cheated for at least 8 years, defiling the integrity of the NFL and calling into doubt 3 super bowls victories and he doesnt miss one single game? tell me theres not something wrong here?
i say this is pete rose level stuff.
i say the patsies should fire billy cheaterchik
i say the league should suspend billy cheaterchik for 1 year and up to forever
i say that the anger level is rising in this wookie
han solo says it is not wise to upset a wookie


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Most Valuable Punk

Sorry Chris Paul. The MVP award may be a lifetime achievement award, this year anyway. Or maybe they just got it wrong and meant to give the award to the guy who apparently made all the difference for the Lakers this year, Pau Gasol. Or maybe we need to remember that this is a superstar league. And when superstar MVP's aren't happy, they trash their teammates, trash the front office and then request a trade. Then they change their mind. Then they change their mind again. Then when they win the MVP award they say the opposite of what they said at the beginning of the year...'I couldn't have done it without my teammates...This is a team award...My teammates deserve this as much as i do'. AAAAAAHH!!! hell. Throw that trophy in the trash, it's been rendered obsolete by idiot voters who have short memories. Voters who even said out loud, so we all could know how stupid they are, that it came down to the last week of the season, and whose team had more victories at the end of the season. So, i guess we can completely discount the other 20 weeks of the season and we can assume that because the Lakers had 57 wins and the Hornets had 56 that that means Crybaby Bryant is the MVP. AAAAARGG! Well, i guess the only justice left is for the Hornets to sting Crybabies Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. UUUUUUUGH! I guess i'm losing faith in the NBA. I mean, the officials don't even know how to count 5 seconds off. Who cares about proper procedures, just get the damn call right. anyway, i'll not dig into that right now...i'll just apologize to Chris Paul on behalf of all those who voted for Crybaby for MVP. And by the way, what makes sportswriters so smart that they get to vote in this matter?


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

With So Much Drama in the N-A-P...'s kinda hard bein' Zoo and the D-u-d-e. What the "H" Marv? A shooting? Really? That's all Nap needs, another pro athlete involved in a shooting. Until all the facts become clear, I'll only say a few things. Marv is known to be a quiet and respectable cat, both on and off the field, so he deserves the benefit of the doubt...for now. But this kinda garbage is happening way to often is sports. Sean Taylor, of the Washington Redskins was shot to death in his home, Eddie Curry and Antoine Walker, NBA players, were both robbed at gunpoint in their homes, and of course, the whole Pacman Jones saga. Are athletes now targets? It looks like it. I have no problem with having body guards or security, but people are now being shot and killed. Athletes have to understand that they are now targets for their money and their fame. But personally "packin' heat" is a little too vigilante. HIRE PROFESSIONALS. The jury is still out on Marvin, and rightfully so, but it's not so quietly becoming an epidemic that needs to be addressed out and cured quickly.

the Dude