Sunday, May 25, 2008

Live from Naptown

It's 12:45 pm EST, less than a half hour from the start of "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing", the Indianapolis 500. I have to tell you that I've got the fever. I haven't been this excited about the race since I was a wee lad. I think that my sister and I are the only 2 people in the whole city who aren't going to the race. We both actually had the opportunity to, but my flight leaves at 4 pm this afternoon. So, we'll just have to listen to it on the radio, which is also a tradition in it's own right. This is the first race with CART and IRL both in the 500. The excitement is back and you can feel it in the city. It's race weekend and I love it.

the Dude


Kate said...

I love the race, always have. It's the only car race I'll watch! Good ending this year, now I'd just like to see Patrick and Marco Andretti win one.

Fro said...

I get chills seeing all those cars lined up and then to top it off with a fly over-yeaaaa!

Then good 'ole boy Jimmy Neighbors singing Back Home again in Indiana over the it makes me want to go fishing in the Wabash with a corn cob pipe in my mouth smoking on some vanilla flavored tobaccy.

Yup, if I ever feel homesick it is when I am watching the Indy 500.

Any takers on going to the race next year?



i'd probably be down, j-frizzle.

the Dude