Wednesday, May 14, 2008

billy cheaterchik

spygate is officially over. finally. apparently nothing new came from matt walsh' tapes. but he did say that he was told by billy cheaterchik not to get caught. which means that billy cheaterchik lied when he said he didnt know it was against the rules to do what he was doing.
so apparently he had a library of video that he compiled over 8 years. which means every game they played, he had a video he could go to in preparation for the game. so the BS excuse of ' well we didnt use the video taken during that game to gain an advantage during that same game' doesnt fly because they used it for the next game. and if you're the colts and you play the patsies 3 times a year then that most certainly gives the cheaters an advantage.
And for those who say this practice did not give them a competitive advantage, i ask, then why did they do it.
and now to a statement made by the patsies organization in which they tried to defend themselves saying that they didnt tape the rams walk thru before that super bowl and that everyone needs to stop trying to take that from them. whoaaaaaa...your coach is found guilty of cheating for 8 years and you are trying to rectify one game? besides, im sure billy cheaterchik already had a tape of the rams from a previous game. how about a statement that says were sorry for cheating.
and now to the punishment...billy cheaterchik was fined and the patsies were fined. do you think those small amounts of money means anything to these people? hell no! they got plenty of scrilla. then they took a 1st round draft pick. ok thats not bad. but ask pacman jones what he thinks should have happened to bily cheaterchik? pacman was suspended for over 1 year for off the field incidents (i am in no way defending pacs actions) that had nothing to do with football. billy cheatrchik cheated for at least 8 years, defiling the integrity of the NFL and calling into doubt 3 super bowls victories and he doesnt miss one single game? tell me theres not something wrong here?
i say this is pete rose level stuff.
i say the patsies should fire billy cheaterchik
i say the league should suspend billy cheaterchik for 1 year and up to forever
i say that the anger level is rising in this wookie
han solo says it is not wise to upset a wookie


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