Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, i called it a little early on the last post. Denver drowned themselves out of the postseason and it's off to San Diego we go for another playoff game. Last years playoff loss seems so long ago after the season we have had this year. The early season blunders left us all doubtful and then we finished with 9 straight, many of which were not decided until late in the game.
So here we go, the 5th seed, 12-4, Horse going against the 4th seed, 8-8, Chargers, in San Diego. If you were to break the playoffs down by wins and losses, the Colts, who share the 2nd best record in the AFC with the Steelers, would be the 2nd seed and have a bye in the first round, because they beat the Steelers in the regular season. And San Diego, who shares the same record as Houston and Denver, would not even be in the playoffs, because 2 teams, the Jets (9-4) and the Pats (11-5) have a better record than them. Though I do take pride in the fact that I called the patriots not making the playoffs (see post Wicky Wicky Wack, Sept. 23, and also note the Colts comments at the end of the post), i do not feel that the current playoff system is fair. I don't mind the fact that the Division winners make the playoffs regardless of their record. But once in the playoffs, I'd like to see teams seeded by season record. The playoffs are about the big picture, how did you do against the league?, and let's get it on from there. But I'm not whining cuz the Equines don't have a bye or a home game, that's just what i think. On the other hand, yeah, San Diego makes me nervous, but I think we can handle their business. And from there, hey, we've been there, we've got that ring, and that certainly is an advantage. Let's do it!

Friday, December 19, 2008

8 straight!

It was a close one last night as the Colts used a 4th Quarter comeback to get their 11th victory and make it into the playoffs where they will likely travel to Denver.
It looked bad from the start. The Jags stuffed it down our throats for a TD on that 1st drive. Then we managed only one first down and punted on our first possesion. After which the Jags used a long drive to score again. Next thing ya know, it's halfway through the 2nd Q and we are just getting the ball for the 2nd time. Then things seemed to be turning around, Reggie got a TD, and then we drove the ball into the red zone and were forced to settle for a field goal. Adam had me thinking 14-10 at half. But one shank and some bad D later and the Jags made it 17-7. I looked around for something to break. But alas, as has happened multiple times this year, I would have to wait until the final whistle before i knew whether to curse or cheer.
The third Q we fared a little better, trading TD's but not falling behind any farther. In the 4th Q, the O kicked in and put up 10 points to tie the game. And then the Defense showed up with 4:48 left in the game in the form of a pick-6 by Keiwan Ratliff to give us the lead and D Frizzle sealed it with a sack. 11-4.
I'm guessing our go-to guys get some rest next week vs. the Titans and then it's off to Denver where the Broncos may finish with a worse record than some teams that wont make the playoffs.
Our D is reminiscent of the 2006 D, shaky, but we got a ring. The O keeps getting healthier...I think. No Marv, No Jo...No problem. But we did have Clark and Saturday. crap, i gotta go to work!
i'm out!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Panic Button?

Your Indiana Pacers lost to Milwaukee tonight, making it six consecutive losses. We had a tough early season schedule, especially the last two weeks, but is it too early to hit the panic button? I don't know, but I've definitely lifted the cover off it and started the initiation sequence. With the loss tonight, we have fallen to a piss poor 7 and 16 on the year. A lot of those losses were close and to good teams, but as the old cliche goes: close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. We need results. A team, that early on, looked like it might contend for a playoff spot, now looks like it may contend for the number draft pick. Good teams just don't lose six in a row, period. Here are a few questions that need to be answered for this team to turn this young season around:

-Where is our defense? I thinks we are something like 0-12 when teams score 100 points, which is on most nights.

-Who is our low post scorer? You know it ain't Murph, who spends the majority of his time hovering around the arc. We have to find an inside threat to make Granger, Daniels, and Ford more effective.

-When is Mike D coming back? Or shoud I say "is" he coming back? He won't help the D out any, but he may take some of the scoring pressure off of DG.

-Why the hell is Jack getting so many minutes? Especially late in the game. He's an ok backup, but just that a backup. Too many times this year he's been in with the game on the line. He's just not that good. Believe me, I watched him make key late game mistakes out here in Portland for the last 3 years. There was a reason he was ridin pine out here. He's just not that good.

Come on Larry. Come on JOB. Time to make the necessary changes and get us back on track.

the Dude

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, since we last sMURPHed out, the Blue and Gold have dropped 4 straight. 2 to Boston, 1 to the Cavs and 1 to JO's new squad, the Raptors. In the Cavs contest, DG went 2-7 and missed his lone free throw. A poor showing by the standard DG has set for himself this year. LeBron was held to 11 points but he also dished out 11 assists. In the first loss to Boston we got smoked but in the second one we had a lead and then Paul Pierce caught a lucky bounce and drained a three for the tie. We had 2 attempts at the winning shot but in typical fashion the wrong guy, Jarret Jack, attempted and missed both shots. Then we just lost in overtime. The loss to Toronto was a lazy one in which we settled for the outside shot, shooting 7-25 from 3 point land and shooting only 35% overall from the field. Of note, Carmelite Josh McRoberts minutes have increased significantly in the last 6 games from 0 to a couple minutes a game and he has played fairly well. Also of note: still no Mike Dunleavy.
Well, we are 7-14. Not good. We have some good talent but not enough. We are also a team of guys that have just begun playing with each other, so chemistry will take some time. But what is the future? Hopefully success in the 2010 free agency market. If we can add some solid talent to go with DG and TJF, develop Rush and Hibbert, hey we got a solid team. Wow, it really sucks when you have to look forward 2 years to have any hope. GO HORSE!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


As in 6 in a row. That's right, those pesky Colts have now won their sixth consecutive game. Finally, we got to see the Horse of old. The high powered offense was back, got a big lead early, and the defense took advantage of a poor Bengals offense. Peyton spread the love around with TD's by Rhodes, Marv, Gonzo, Clark. Granted we were playing one of the worst teams in the NFL, but it was nice to see a blowout, and more importantly, to see this team play the way it's capable of. Mr. Manning was fantastic in this one, going 26 for 32 for 277 yards and 3 TD's and a rating of 134.0 (even though I don't know what the hell that means). And the defense took care of the rest. Mathis and Freeney were up to their old tricks with 4 sacks between the two of them. Then there was Kelvin Hayden. You remember him, he sealed the Super Bowl win with that pick six late in the game. Well, in this one he had two interceptions, returning one 85 yards for a touchdown. Not much else to say, except that we seem to be getting it going at the right time of year. Next up the win less Detroit Lions at home. Come on Horse, we don't wanna give those guys their first W.

the Dude

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Jeff Foster didn't play last night against the Lakers, but, by the looks of the final play you would never have known it. Troy Murphy pulled one right out of the old Jeff Foster play book, tipping in the game winning basket at the buzzer and notching his 17th rebound of the game. It looked to be a typical Pacers game as we hung with the Lakers until the 2:30 mark in the 3rd quarter when, with a 2 point lead, we let the Lakers go on a 17-0 run to end the quarter. But, just when it looked like we were going to fall to 6-11, the defense kicked in early in the 4th and held the Lakers scoreless for just over 4 minutes and allowed the Lakers only 4 made baskets in the entire 4th quarter. The offense used its own 10-0 run and 7 offensive rebounds in the final quarter to get back in the game. With the Lakers up by one point, Kobe missed the teams final shot of the game and Murphy rebounded with :13 left. And, in what looked to be another typical quarter ending play for the Pacers, Marquis threw up a prayer of a reverse layup and then, out of nowhere, the hand of Murphy intervened with our dear Pacers seeming fate and tipped the ball high above the iron, and as Clark Kellogg would say, with a few 'fortuitous' bounces, leather brushed nylon and the Pacers won. 7-10. Mayhem in the fieldhouse.
This could be one of those victories that lights that fire under the team that can carry them through all 4 quarters of every game. It could give us the will to push .500. But hey, it's a long season and tonight we got the Celtics. so buckle down naptown and let's get on a roll!

zimminy sheesha