Friday, December 19, 2008

8 straight!

It was a close one last night as the Colts used a 4th Quarter comeback to get their 11th victory and make it into the playoffs where they will likely travel to Denver.
It looked bad from the start. The Jags stuffed it down our throats for a TD on that 1st drive. Then we managed only one first down and punted on our first possesion. After which the Jags used a long drive to score again. Next thing ya know, it's halfway through the 2nd Q and we are just getting the ball for the 2nd time. Then things seemed to be turning around, Reggie got a TD, and then we drove the ball into the red zone and were forced to settle for a field goal. Adam had me thinking 14-10 at half. But one shank and some bad D later and the Jags made it 17-7. I looked around for something to break. But alas, as has happened multiple times this year, I would have to wait until the final whistle before i knew whether to curse or cheer.
The third Q we fared a little better, trading TD's but not falling behind any farther. In the 4th Q, the O kicked in and put up 10 points to tie the game. And then the Defense showed up with 4:48 left in the game in the form of a pick-6 by Keiwan Ratliff to give us the lead and D Frizzle sealed it with a sack. 11-4.
I'm guessing our go-to guys get some rest next week vs. the Titans and then it's off to Denver where the Broncos may finish with a worse record than some teams that wont make the playoffs.
Our D is reminiscent of the 2006 D, shaky, but we got a ring. The O keeps getting healthier...I think. No Marv, No Jo...No problem. But we did have Clark and Saturday. crap, i gotta go to work!
i'm out!

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torchhead said...

Speaking of going to work, I busted out the snowswhoes to get to the pub last night, and looks like again tonight. 14" in December, the biggest fall since 1968 for p-town. Yeeha!