Monday, January 21, 2008

The Future

Pacers win...Pacers win. And surprise, surprise, without JO. I read today on Yahoo that he said worst case scenario he's out for the season. Well what the hell else is new. Trade this band-aid as fast as we can, for whoever we can get. I'd settle for a second round pick at this point. On a more positive point the pick up of Kareem Rush is looking pretty decent right now. He's had to season high nights in the last week. I think we finally may have found a dead eye shooter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm going to try and stay optimistic about this season and the future of this ball club, because as a fan that's all you can do. You stay with 'em through the lows. No jumping ship here.
And here's to Manning ending the cheaters perfect season. No, not Peyton, but little bro Eli. He's playing very well, not turning the ball over, and making big plays when he needs to. That's exactly what he has to do in 2 weeks to beat the hoodie, pretty boy and company. With that amazing defense the Giants have, if they can hang onto the ball and score when they get into the red zone, then I truly believe that the G-men have a good shot at the Super Bowl. Let's hope they get it done so I can go to the regions newspapers and rub it in all the chowdaheads faces. Man, those people are just about the most obnoxious fools around. Go Giants

the Dude

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time to move on...

So there it is. Our fine Colts season gone in less than 4 hours. I had to sit back for a couple days before posting, because I was trying to figure what the hell just happened. First of all let's pray that next year we don't get a first round bye. We suck after resting our starters in the last game of the season and then the bye week. Second, let's get a new offensive coordinator. Or better yet, just let 18 do the job and save some money for some more defensive players. We all saw what happened when Dwight went down. No pass rush. And Meeks, you might wanna call a blitz against their second stringers, just to see how they handle it. Plus how many turnovers in the red zone can you have and still be in the game? The fumble by Marv, in my opinion, was the turning point in the game. We had them on the ropes, go up 14-0 with that crazy crowd and I really think that the rout would have been on. And where the hell was our running game. Jo is a Pro Bowler, we should force feed that guy. That's on Moore, and so was the crappy play calling at the end of the first half and the possession where the ball tipped of Kieth's hands and was intercepted on the 2. Why are you throwing a middle screen that close to the goal line? There are just far too many bodies in there. Let's be honest, the better team yesterday was the Chargers. We even got the benefit of some lousy calls. We won one title, now it's time to move on and win another. Here's to hoping Tony D. comes back along with Dallas and we make some more moves to improve our D. And here's to someone beating the hoodie and that pretty boy. In case anyone from that region is reading, stay the hell of the Indy Star posts. Talking trash after a team loses on their newspapers website is just another, in a laundry list of reasons, your team, players, coaches, and "region" have no class. Go Bolts. LT, hit 'em up for 200 with 3 TDs. Still Loud n' Proud.

the Dude

ps Peyton, quit with all the commercials, it's getting old, even for a die hard Horse fan. Overexposure is no good.

Monday, January 14, 2008


5 game road trip and 4 losses. Yet the Pacers still sit in the ninth spot in the East behind Atlanta of all teams. That's the east for ya. But here we are at 17-22, a week away from the midpoint of the season and , well, i'm pretty dissapointed. right now doesn't look so good and neither does the future. So, I'm all about some moves right now. Let me see something. It's time for Larry to make it happen. Put everybody on the block and see what you can come up with. You don't have to get trade happy, but just see what's out there. i want me a ring dammit!! Colts got nothin for me so all i got left is Larry. Come on!!

See ya next year...

The horse is in the barn. The defense was nowhere to be seen. And if ya didn't know why we pay D Freeney so much money, now ya do. Rivers had all day to pass. Oh yeah, and Volek. we couldn't get anybody near the QB. Yet, once again we still had a chance to win. But 4th down and season with no marv and no reg...........Marv probably should not have even played. Peyton didn't even look his way. And we know what happened when he did. turnovers in the red zone are killers but you gotta give credit to the bolts for gettin their hands on the football.
the referees even seemed to be givin it to us yet we couldn't take it.
hell i don't even want to talk about. Let's just say goodbye to an injury riddled season and hope for a better ending to next season.
Go Bolts!...or Giants.....or Packers.......

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's the Opening Salvo...

Heeerree we go ya'll, playoff time. We owe the Bolts one. Peyton struggled without big D, Marv, and that polished rook Tony G. They still scare me, but we must get to that AFC Championship game. Plus, we have the Defensive Player of the Year. Has there ever been a more deserving player. Yeah, you know who I'm talkin' about, that heat-seeking missile, the Plumber, Bob Sanders. I've never seen a defensive back dominate a game like my man. So, LT, a little warning, keep your head on a swivel or the Plumber might knock ya out. This should be a statement game to the Patsies. Don't sleep on us. This is just round one and we still have to win on Sunday, but it could be the springboard to another ring for the best team in the NFL. Pay attention this weekend 'cause you might be witnessing a dynasty playing, and they're playing on Sunday, not those cheating a-holes in the Northeast. Naptown ya'll.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


we got the Jazz tonight as the 2nd game of a 5 game road trip out west. lost the first one badly to the lakers. Suns tomorrow, then Sac and G State. we are in desperate need of some W's. Currently playing for the 8th spot in the east and fresh off a 5 game losing streak. so this road trip is a big test. we'll see where we really stand after G State on sunday....Andre Owens is playin alotta minutes. i hear memphis is tryin to unload D Stoudamire...New Poll Question. Vote!
i'm out

Saturday, January 5, 2008

2 4 1

i'm here and so is he, that's the dude, and i'm me. we broke the losing streak. Tinsley was out for 4 of the 5 and tonight andre owens had a career high 4 assists. so.... we're not deep at the point. and also, should we trade JO? that's the question the dude thinks we should ask. we honestly don't have much going for us right now. he thinks we should get something for him. some draft picks or something for the future. let's be honest a lineup with JO, DG, and Mike D is not going to get us very far. EVER! trade JO while he's worth something and honestly rebuild, a la the portland trailblazers. nobody wants to watch a .500 team barely make the playoffs each year in a weak conference, only to get beat in the first round and get a mediocre draft pick.
speaking of mediocre, the cheater, with the hoodie that coaches a team that claims a region because no state in their right mind would take them, who was voted coach of the year by media members with short memories, awaits his own playoff demise. And we as loyal horse fans await the emergence of the overlooked reigning Super Bowl Champions. Hello Marvin Harrison. and to quote Barney (from the Simpsons), "Where have you been all my life!" Look out AFC swine!! we haven't had our full offensive arsenal all season. now, with Dallas, Marv and R-E-G, plus Jo runnin' it at ya; TADOW! ain't nobody should just sleep on us. Yimineesheeshaaaa!!! Gotcha! Super Bowl rings, make 'em doubles!!!
Dude and Zoo all at once..