Monday, January 14, 2008

See ya next year...

The horse is in the barn. The defense was nowhere to be seen. And if ya didn't know why we pay D Freeney so much money, now ya do. Rivers had all day to pass. Oh yeah, and Volek. we couldn't get anybody near the QB. Yet, once again we still had a chance to win. But 4th down and season with no marv and no reg...........Marv probably should not have even played. Peyton didn't even look his way. And we know what happened when he did. turnovers in the red zone are killers but you gotta give credit to the bolts for gettin their hands on the football.
the referees even seemed to be givin it to us yet we couldn't take it.
hell i don't even want to talk about. Let's just say goodbye to an injury riddled season and hope for a better ending to next season.
Go Bolts!...or Giants.....or Packers.......

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Kate said...

You know, it's not like there weren't mistakes everywhere but we truly lost that game on defense. If we couldn't stop a second string qb...come on. I'm throwing my support to the other Manning and Favre for the rest of the season.