Monday, January 21, 2008

The Future

Pacers win...Pacers win. And surprise, surprise, without JO. I read today on Yahoo that he said worst case scenario he's out for the season. Well what the hell else is new. Trade this band-aid as fast as we can, for whoever we can get. I'd settle for a second round pick at this point. On a more positive point the pick up of Kareem Rush is looking pretty decent right now. He's had to season high nights in the last week. I think we finally may have found a dead eye shooter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm going to try and stay optimistic about this season and the future of this ball club, because as a fan that's all you can do. You stay with 'em through the lows. No jumping ship here.
And here's to Manning ending the cheaters perfect season. No, not Peyton, but little bro Eli. He's playing very well, not turning the ball over, and making big plays when he needs to. That's exactly what he has to do in 2 weeks to beat the hoodie, pretty boy and company. With that amazing defense the Giants have, if they can hang onto the ball and score when they get into the red zone, then I truly believe that the G-men have a good shot at the Super Bowl. Let's hope they get it done so I can go to the regions newspapers and rub it in all the chowdaheads faces. Man, those people are just about the most obnoxious fools around. Go Giants

the Dude

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Fro said...

Alright, this is it. Time to topple the cheaters.

Do it Eli, DO IT.

Sweep the leg.