Monday, February 4, 2008

Cheaters never... ohhhhhh sweet justice! Made even sweeter by the fact that it was another Manning that knocked off the cheaters in the postseason. Thats 2 years in a row, billy cheaterchik, that a Manning has gotcha. It's bad enough you're a cheater (and apparently you may have cheated in winning your first Super Bowl against the Rams) but your a bad loser also. Walking off the field early in the Super Bowl...that's monumentally classless. Great coach? check. D-bag? check. Cheater? check. Undefeated? i don't think so.
You gotta give it to the G-men. Their D flat out shut down the high powered O of the cheat squad. The model has never tasted so much turf. I enjoyed every sack and knock down. Thank you G-men. It wasn't the Horse but it still tasted sweet.
Next year....? Colts 31, Cowboys 28.

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Kate said...

That last sack on Brady was just a thing of pure football beauty. I almost wept with joy.