Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh Glorious Day

At the risk of being redundant, I just have to revel in last nights Super Bowl victory by the New York football Giants over the cheaters. It was made even sweeter by the fact that a Manning beat them with classic Manning heroics. And how sweet was it to see the pretty boy on his ass all night and yelling at his receivers. Hey chowdaheads, he's human just like Peyton. And like Peyton, when you get pressure on him he makes mistakes. No perfect season. I'm so glad they made it so far undefeated just to lose in the biggest game, on the biggest stage. It's sort of sad to say, but I've never in my life rooted so hard for one team to lose. The Horse might as well have been playing. So all you Patsies fans, you lost fair and square, to a better team. And just for the record there were no Patsies fans on the Indy Star forums last night or today. Like their coach they are as classless in defeat as they are in victory. Here's to hoping Belicheat gets his in the Spygate Part Deux. What's that famous axiom "Cheaters ..." See ya next year jerks.

Now a short rant on the Blue and Gold. We've lost five in a row and things are looking grim. JO is out (thank God) and JT is oft injured or sick. That leaves our subs. Out here in P-town the Blazers second unit is called the "white unit". In Naptown we have the real White Unit, and they are not nearly as effective. Deiner, Foster (God bless him), Mike D, Murph. They just can't get the job done. I like O'Brien's philosophy, but we need more athleticism to make it work consistently. Looks like we need to make some deals and then hope for the best in the lottery. Maybe we can get Gordon. How great would that Naptowner look in the Blue and Gold. Do it Larry Legend. We need something to look forward to until the Horse get rollin' again.

the Dude

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