Friday, February 15, 2008

This Cheating Will Not Stand

Ironically, shortly after we post about the success of the Hoosiers and how Sampson is such a great coach, a story about his alleged NCAA violations surfaces. Great...way to go. There is one thing in sports the Dude will not abide and that's cheaters. From Belicheat to Bonds to Clemens, if you cheat you're a d-bag and should be gotten rid of promptly and without apology. If these allegations are true, then IU needs to get rid of him ASAP and avoid as many sanctions as possible. Gordon and White will be gone next year anyway, so might as well clean house and start over. Until then, I guess we just wait and see. AARGGHH.

the Dude


Kate said...

According to the papers from Evansville, Jasper, Bloomington, and Indianapolis, Sampson will likely be suspended within the week and fired sometime shortly thereafter. When can IU basketball get back to being about basketball???

Fro said...

I agree.

Fire Sampson. Move on.

It is really sad when a grown man is a PAID mentor to a group of UNPAID young devoted b-ballers and ruins an important period in their lives.

I wonder if Ray McCallum may be a possible interim. He's home grown and not on the list of conspirators, but may be chalked up to being guilty by association. Good work Sampson! You not only screwed over innocent college kids but your entire coaching staff!

The red flags were there, but they chose not to heed them.


Go Hoosiers! I only hope the players can get out there and play with the greatness they have exhibited up to now and finish the season strong before the sanctions force them to ball on the playground.


Kate said...

There's a really good on-the-ground sort of article on right now, let's see if I can get the html to work:

Was this Sampson's last goodbye at Indiana?