Saturday, February 9, 2008

Zoo and the Dude Live

With the Blazers in Nap, Zoo and I are able to watch the game and blog live. At this moment they are 2 minutes left in the second quarter and the Blue and Gold are lookin' good. So far, we're launchin' tres with no conscience. DG is hot so far. By the way, the local Blazers broadcasters are horrible, especially one Mike Rice. He may possibly be the worst color commentator in the league. He tried to make the statement that Indiana basketball fans like their run n' gun style. Which is completely untrue, as anyone from anywhere knows. We Hoosiers like our traditional basketball, fundamentally sound and at times very boring. Rick Carlisle anyone. Anyway, at the half the good guys are up 51-48.
Zoo here, Pacers got a lead at half, an eight game win streak against the blazers at stake, not much else. As other teams make moves to improve, the pacers are sitting on their hands and enjoying just ending a 7 game losing streak. J O has been out and tinsley has been in and out, so who do we got? from the looks of it, not much more than solid group of role players. At this point in the East, the last spot in the playoffs is up for grabs and honestly, i'm not interested. i'll take our chances in the draft because it looks like larry isn't going to make any moves....well, 2nd half is about to start. Go pacers! i hate losing but i'll always love my pacers.

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