Monday, February 11, 2008

Let's Go IU

Well, I suppose it's about time this blog gave some love to the Indiana Hoosiers. They are coming off a spectacular, if not dangerous, 3ot win against the Illini and a gritty W against a pretty tough Ohio State team, both on the road. With only one loss in the Big Ten, they are tied for first with none other than the Purdue Boilermakers. What is this 1988? Sampson has got these guys playing tough, defensive basketball. And with DJ White inside and the amazing Frosh, Eric Gordon outside they might be able to make a run in the tournament. The NCAA tournament is about getting hot at the right time, just ask the 06 Florida Gators, and these Hoosiers are playing their best basketball right now. It's been so long since college hoops have been relevant in the state of Indiana. Now we have the Hoosiers and the Boilers sittin' atop the conference and don't look now but the ever Cinderella Butler Bulldogs are #10 in the land and we know what they can do come March Madness. No matter who your squad is, it's great to see Indiana basketball back where it should be, at the top. Let's go IU!

the Dude


Fro said...

The "good kids" (ahh the old days of John Laskowski and Ted Kitchel calling the games on WTTV 4 come to mind) are looking strong. I am really excited to see DJ doing what he does best...going up strong for rebounds and making great plays on the glass. Gordon has some super deeps skills!

J. Ellis and J. Crawford also showed up strong. Crawford's spin/size up was a sweet one.

I have to give props to DJ and Gordon for showing maturity in dealing with a bunch of punk thug Illinois grunts. Illinois showed as much class as the Patriots. Sampson has obviously been a good mentor.

Kate said...

Huzzah, IU on your blog! I tell you what, I still believe that getting rid of Mike Davis is the best thing that IU could have done for the basketball team. We're playing strong and solid ball; I don't think everything has gelled so far (some crap defense at the Ohio State game) but all in all, it's great to see some quality basketball back in the Hoosier state. We need to enjoy Gordon before he drafts into the NBA next year.

Fro said...

Some old and new recruiting violations. I have to point this out because it deserves to be discussed.

I am say the least.