Saturday, February 16, 2008

Boiler Up

After all the recent talk about the Hoosiers, and rightly so, I think we need to give those kids up there in West Lafayette some love. Not only do they have to deal with living in West Lafayette, but they are the hottest team in the Big Ten. They have won 13 of their last 14 and at this point they lead Northwestern by 4 at the half. And I believe they have got IU, in what will be the most anticipated rivalry game in recent memory, on Tuesday. And they're doing this with four freshman. With all the talk about Sampson, we need to recogize that Matt Painter is doing a helluva job. He's probably already a lock for Big Ten coach of the year. And let's hope to God, he's doing it legit. I tend to think so, but I've been wrong before. This Boiler team, if they can stay healthy, may be around for a while. I love it. I'm so excited about the state of college hoops in Indiana. Let's hope that IU can get everything sorted out, hopefully avoid the dreaded NCAA sanctions, and continue to rebuild that once proud program. Like the saying goes: "In 49 states it's just basketball...but this is Indiana". Zup.

the Dude


Fro said...

Well, it looks like the Hoosiers will have one of their own for coach. The grape vine is saying Dakich is a shoe-in for coach after Samp is dismissed.

Lets hope for some of that good ole clean Indiana basketball that we all remember and love!

Go Hoosiers!

Fro said...

Thanks for the link y'all. I greatly appreciate it.


Micah said...

How about some more Boiler love for your seeester as we are going into the Big 10 tourney?