Friday, February 22, 2008


The trade deadline has come and gone and the Pacers do nothing. Well, the team is sucking, J.O. is a band-aid and there is even a qoute on the Pacers home page from Larry himself that says "There has got to be changes made and we're going to make them." What? maybe you are what needs to be changed Larry. You acknowledge that there needs to be changes, yet you do not make them. WTF are you gonna do then? How are you gonna change the team? Here's my reccomendation; fire yourself, bench most of the starters then give players like Shawne Williams, Ike Diogu and Danny Granger (the only hope for the future that we have) as many minutes as possible, hope the team tanks and wish for luck in the lottery. Then play the field in the off season and try to get something for J.O. That's what i would do Larry, but hey you're the boss. I guess we'll have to suffer through the rest of the season. Thanks Larry!

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Fro said...

Hoosiers on CBS 11am on Sunday March 2.

DOOOO IT !!!!!!!

Go Hoosiers,