Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Oh Bobby, it's just like you to go out unexpectedly, suddenly, mid-season, no one had a clue. You did it your way. Always your way. And it was the best way. Always the best way. You always ran the cleanest damn program in the country. And the passion you have for the game and its integrity is unsurpassed. I can relate to a man that throws chairs across basketball courts. That's intense passion. That's what pushes men towards greatness. And you always stressed greatness off the court. You stressed education and honesty. You taught boys how to be men. And all the while, you were yourself... an intense basketball coach, a teacher of life, a role model and an icon. no more and no less.... we love you bobby!!


Kate said...


A good story about Coach Knight

Fro said...

I agree with all of your sentiments.

He was one-of-a-kind, never be one like him again.