Sunday, November 30, 2008

High Five!

5 in a row! Look out. Horse is riding! The Browns may be a mediocre team, but it is still a victory. The Defense was very impressive. No TD's allowed and 1 TD scored. The Dwight and Robert combo! Before that scoop and score i was nervous! We seemed to have dug our own grave with Jo's fumble, the failed 4th and goal, Adam missing a field goal and a Peyton INT, but the defense kept making stops and they did it with some BIG hits. And all this without Bobby Sanders, and "I'll have a caucasian, Gary" Brackett going out. 2 guys that impressed me out there today were Clint and Melvin. Mr. Session and Mr. Buillet have impressed me all year.
On the other hand, the O always seemed to be one play away from making something big happen, but never did. They couldn't finish drives and they were bailed out by the D.
I would hope that we would fare better against our next 2 mediocre opponents, Cincinnati and Detroit. After that, we just need to make sure we get in the playoffs and once there, we gotta make things happen.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


pacers topple rockets tonight! in a change of events, the pacers come from behind and pull off a W against a solid b-ball team in the Rockets although there was no T-Mac to contend with. oh well, a W is a W. and the way we have been playing, no W is secure till there is 0:00 on the clock. so far this year, most of our losses have come after maintaining the lead late into the game and letting it slip away in the 4th Q. in this one, however, the Blue and Gold were trailing entering the final period. Murph hit huge back-to-back treys and DG followed his own miss to give us the winning bucket. Weird how we lose games we're leading entering the 4th and win a game we're trailing. Ah, Naptown sports...

Speaking of, Fro's own Ball State Cardinals finished their season 15-0, to win the MAC West. A great story for the folks up in Muncie, and for every Hoosier, as the Cardinals seem to be the only respectable football team in the state. Big Ups BSU. In other naptown sports, Covenant Christians 6'8" Andrew Smith signed a letter of intent with the Butler Bulldogs. When it comes to those high school kids, you gotta give credit to the coaches. Big ups Muggs! In the Maui tournament the Hoosiers got smoked by Notre Dame then barely finished off Chaminade. Note: the Hoosiers are starting 4 freshman... Tom Crean's got his work cut out for him, but i believe...
Them Boilers are #9 in the land and rising, gettin' ready to play in the championship game of the preseason NIT. Those amazing freshman are now a year older and layin' it down. Hummel and Moore; if you don't know, you better ax somebody.

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll. Enjoy those garbage NFL games and don't forget about that Civil War on Saturday. Beavs about to be smellin roses. Them Nittany Lions and Senor (Senior) Jo Pa better get nervous. Did you study for the Quizz?

D n Z mokabudow

Monday, November 24, 2008

dog leg up

4 in a row. 7-4 doesn't sound too bad at this point in the season. We pulled out a gutsy one last night. Tony D with two 4th down attempts AND both converted. do you see what happens Tony? do you see what happens when you have a little guts and take some risks? Victory. and sweet revenge against the bolts who may not even make the playoffs this year. so we are now tied with the team that claims a region and Baltimore in the wild card race. both teams we have beaten. so i guess we have a leg up..whatever that means...sounds uncomfortable...i envision a dog peeeing. ANYway, 7 wins with 5 games left. and our next 3 opponents, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Detroit, have a combined 5 wins. so i believe in one of our previous polls most of you thought the Colts would win 9 games at the most this season. damn you and your lack of hope.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In the Hunt...

Somehow, someway, your Indianapolis Colts are figuring out how to win games. And don't look now, but we're back in the thick of things. Our D, minus the Plumber, looked a little soft, but Peyton and the O looked magical. That's what we've been waiting for all season. Jo got his hundred, Marv got a TD, and Senor Manning was no huddling and shredding that porous Houston secondary. I still haven't figured out what was/is wrong with my main man Bob, but just how valuable is this guy? The defense looks so solid with him, and then he's out and poof Slaton runs for a career high. Our D, just ain't the same with out that human guided missile blowin folks up at the line of scrimmage. Now we have to go on the road and play a struggling, yet dangerous Chargers team. Two letters for ya L T. Get well soon Bob!!!

Other observations:

-Jo finally got his first 100 yd game of the season.

-As good as our offense was, our receivers dropped 6 passes in the first half.

-Freeney got two huge sacks. Let's hope this gets him rollin'

-For the second straight game Melvin Bullit intercepted a pass to preserve the win. How deep are we at safety?

Finally a little shout to Miss Kate: your man Pujols (I won't make any jokes I promise) won the NL MVP. That may be the only baseball news you'll ever see here, at least till the NAP gets a team.

the Dude

Monday, November 10, 2008

Horsin' Around

Zoo here, back from an internetless interlude. and while i was disconnected, the Horse have managed a 2 game win streak, both wins coming against quality opponents. and as with every win so far this season, we really needed it. how about that D? 3 INT's, every single one coming at a crucial moment and a goal line stop (did you see how low Eric Foster got on that play?). and then there was the offense. it was there. just enough. it wasn't prolific. we got a couple lucky bounces. marvin once again disappointed. the running game didn't produce. but, somehow, peyton managed to do just enough. and so did the D, because if that last hail mary isn't intercepted, it is a catch for a touchdown, game over. but, instead, we are 5-4 and in the thick of the wild card race. and my brother Scott gets the bragging rights over his Steeler-lovin' wife Michelle (love ya Michelle).
Meanwhile, the Indiana Pacers have gotten off to what i must say is an impressive 3-3 start. They started off with a close loss to the Pistons, then defeated the reigning champs. Their other 2 losses were games in which they were very competitive and against quality teams in Phoenix and Cleveland. I must say that this team was a mystery to me at the beginning of the season. They have 2 rookies and 3 other new players, all who are contributing significantly. i admit that i have underestimated TJF (Terrance Jerod Ford, not Todd Joseph Flatt). he is quick and shifty, can penetrate effortlessly and has excellent peripheral vision. let's hope he can stay healthy. also impressive is Roy Hibbert. he is a little more athletic than i expected and has a surprisingly soft touch around the iron. he isn't getting a whole lotta minutes but if he keeps playing the way he is, i see that changing. then there is DG. Danny Granger is playing like an All Star! fillin up the net, dunks, 3's, D, he is a Man out there on the court and this is his team, there's no doubt about that. 2 seasons ago, he was on the come up, last year he was solid, but this year, he is The Man. OOOWEE! Ya'll better vote for that guy on the All Star ballot. We have a solid team. Mike D hasn't even played yet. it won't be glamorous but hey, the Eastern Conference isn't glamorous. there is hope. i don't expect a ring. but, i didn't expect much this season. at least it seems like Larry Legend may have us on the right track. I must say, I doubted the Mustached One. but now, i have some hope. It's a whole new naptown out there. l can't wait to see them on March 4th in Portland.
i'm out

Monday, November 3, 2008


So...I'm back. I had to take a few off to cool down and reassess the miserable season the Horse are having. I know we're spoiled, as Colts fans, with the success we've had over the last decade or so, but this year sucks. Injuries have hampered us from training camp on, and we just don't seem to be the same old Blue and White. And let's face it, our defense blows. One bright spot, and I mean shining bright from the heavens, is that we beat those cheating d-bags from Baahhhston. Screw you Hoodie, you cheating, lying piece of dog doo. The offense looked ok, but we still can't run the ball. I think we ended up with 46 yds or something. Pathetic! And this bend but don't break D is about to make me lose my effing mind. First and ten: draw play, second and 4: draw play, third and 6: draw play etc, etc. all frickin' game long. Hey fellas, figure it out. Damn! But we got Bob back and that seemed to make a difference (read game saving pick). Maybe we can build some momentum after this win, but with the way our schedule plays out, it's gonna be real tough. But as always GO HORSE!!!

Now for the inaugural blog of the Pacers season. I haven't seen a game yet, but from what I've heard and read the ol' Blue and Gold are back. OK, maybe not championship run back, but exciting, good basketball back. An opening night loss to those other d-bags up in Motown was tough, but by all accounts we played very well and could've won the game, if not for some untimely turnovers and defensive lapses. Then, as if in a sign of things to come, we knock of the defending champs, the Boston Celtics. If you're scoring at home chowdaheaded losers, that's two-nil to the good guys. As Matt Damon would say in his best/worst Baaahhhston accent: "How do ya like them apples?!" We Naptowners are "wicked" awesome huh, you idiots. (That ramble was brought to you by the I Hate Boston Sports Fans Association of America.) Back to Pacers hoops. The team looks solid. Granger is fillin' it up (thank goodness we just signed him for 4 more years), TJ is holdin' it down at the point, and everyone else is just doin' what they get paid to do: fill in the gaps. And we're doing all of this without our second leading scorer from last year, Mike D. I've doubted you Larry, but you seem to have put together a pretty exciting, hard-nosed basketball team. It's still early, but not early enough for all you doubters out there (you know who you are) to jump on this bandwagon. To all you Naptowners out here in the City of Rain...I mean Roses, it's time to renew our seats at The City, cause the Blue and Gold are back. Z-Z-Zuuuuuuppppp!

the Dude