Wednesday, November 26, 2008


pacers topple rockets tonight! in a change of events, the pacers come from behind and pull off a W against a solid b-ball team in the Rockets although there was no T-Mac to contend with. oh well, a W is a W. and the way we have been playing, no W is secure till there is 0:00 on the clock. so far this year, most of our losses have come after maintaining the lead late into the game and letting it slip away in the 4th Q. in this one, however, the Blue and Gold were trailing entering the final period. Murph hit huge back-to-back treys and DG followed his own miss to give us the winning bucket. Weird how we lose games we're leading entering the 4th and win a game we're trailing. Ah, Naptown sports...

Speaking of, Fro's own Ball State Cardinals finished their season 15-0, to win the MAC West. A great story for the folks up in Muncie, and for every Hoosier, as the Cardinals seem to be the only respectable football team in the state. Big Ups BSU. In other naptown sports, Covenant Christians 6'8" Andrew Smith signed a letter of intent with the Butler Bulldogs. When it comes to those high school kids, you gotta give credit to the coaches. Big ups Muggs! In the Maui tournament the Hoosiers got smoked by Notre Dame then barely finished off Chaminade. Note: the Hoosiers are starting 4 freshman... Tom Crean's got his work cut out for him, but i believe...
Them Boilers are #9 in the land and rising, gettin' ready to play in the championship game of the preseason NIT. Those amazing freshman are now a year older and layin' it down. Hummel and Moore; if you don't know, you better ax somebody.

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll. Enjoy those garbage NFL games and don't forget about that Civil War on Saturday. Beavs about to be smellin roses. Them Nittany Lions and Senor (Senior) Jo Pa better get nervous. Did you study for the Quizz?

D n Z mokabudow

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Fro said...

It is an odd and wonderful thing to watch the BSU Cardinals in Mexico! Here's to the Balls and a great season, even though they effed up in the Motor City.

Now they just need to retain their coach and throw some money in the program to keep it going. Do the right thing BSU.