Monday, November 24, 2008

dog leg up

4 in a row. 7-4 doesn't sound too bad at this point in the season. We pulled out a gutsy one last night. Tony D with two 4th down attempts AND both converted. do you see what happens Tony? do you see what happens when you have a little guts and take some risks? Victory. and sweet revenge against the bolts who may not even make the playoffs this year. so we are now tied with the team that claims a region and Baltimore in the wild card race. both teams we have beaten. so i guess we have a leg up..whatever that means...sounds uncomfortable...i envision a dog peeeing. ANYway, 7 wins with 5 games left. and our next 3 opponents, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Detroit, have a combined 5 wins. so i believe in one of our previous polls most of you thought the Colts would win 9 games at the most this season. damn you and your lack of hope.


Luke said...

Tony D growin a pair. I love it. As for the Civil War...Go Beavs! Gotta get revenge on Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Should be the best CW since we've lived out here

NAPTOWN said...

Check out my boy Bob:

Kate said...

Hope is a fickle thing.

Hey, can't we vote for "no one" in your Civil War poll?