Monday, November 10, 2008

Horsin' Around

Zoo here, back from an internetless interlude. and while i was disconnected, the Horse have managed a 2 game win streak, both wins coming against quality opponents. and as with every win so far this season, we really needed it. how about that D? 3 INT's, every single one coming at a crucial moment and a goal line stop (did you see how low Eric Foster got on that play?). and then there was the offense. it was there. just enough. it wasn't prolific. we got a couple lucky bounces. marvin once again disappointed. the running game didn't produce. but, somehow, peyton managed to do just enough. and so did the D, because if that last hail mary isn't intercepted, it is a catch for a touchdown, game over. but, instead, we are 5-4 and in the thick of the wild card race. and my brother Scott gets the bragging rights over his Steeler-lovin' wife Michelle (love ya Michelle).
Meanwhile, the Indiana Pacers have gotten off to what i must say is an impressive 3-3 start. They started off with a close loss to the Pistons, then defeated the reigning champs. Their other 2 losses were games in which they were very competitive and against quality teams in Phoenix and Cleveland. I must say that this team was a mystery to me at the beginning of the season. They have 2 rookies and 3 other new players, all who are contributing significantly. i admit that i have underestimated TJF (Terrance Jerod Ford, not Todd Joseph Flatt). he is quick and shifty, can penetrate effortlessly and has excellent peripheral vision. let's hope he can stay healthy. also impressive is Roy Hibbert. he is a little more athletic than i expected and has a surprisingly soft touch around the iron. he isn't getting a whole lotta minutes but if he keeps playing the way he is, i see that changing. then there is DG. Danny Granger is playing like an All Star! fillin up the net, dunks, 3's, D, he is a Man out there on the court and this is his team, there's no doubt about that. 2 seasons ago, he was on the come up, last year he was solid, but this year, he is The Man. OOOWEE! Ya'll better vote for that guy on the All Star ballot. We have a solid team. Mike D hasn't even played yet. it won't be glamorous but hey, the Eastern Conference isn't glamorous. there is hope. i don't expect a ring. but, i didn't expect much this season. at least it seems like Larry Legend may have us on the right track. I must say, I doubted the Mustached One. but now, i have some hope. It's a whole new naptown out there. l can't wait to see them on March 4th in Portland.
i'm out


Luke said...

Zippitty Zup, the Blue and Gold be fillin' it up. And don't look now, but we're creepin' on the come up.

Fro said...

Welcome back to the board Z