Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hey all, I'm back from my playoff-defeat-hangover. Like most hangovers it just took some time to relieve. The Colts' season is over as is Dungy's tenure as head coach. Zoo had a great post about Tony D's retirement and career, so I'll just add my quick thoughts. Tony Dungy is a great coach, but he's an even better man. Say what you will about his religious beliefs, but there has never been a coach in any sport, that I know of, that has carried himself with as much class and dignity as Coach Dungy. That as much as any number of wins, losses or Super Bowl titles will be his legacy. That being said, it is time for a change. Good luck Coach Dungy, and thank you for seven amazing football seasons.

Now it's time to turn my full attention to the hoops season (OK, I will keep an eye on the remainder of the NFL playoffs). As anyone who reads this blog knows, the Pacers are the embodiment of all my frustration. But there may be a light at the end of this tunnel. Mike D has made it back from his nagging knee injury, and the Blue and Gold have looked much better with his presence on the court. We've won our past two games, one against the hated Detroit Pistons and the other against JO in his return to the Fieldhouse. Let's see if we can get a little streak going here and turn this season around. If not, then I think it's time to blow this thing up and start over. Either way, I bleed blue and gold and will ride this roller coaster to the end. Go Pacers!

the Dude

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tony Tony Tone

Mr. Dungy is set to announce his retirement today. So today we will say goodbye to an era of prosperity under a great man and a great coach. The numbers say it all, 7 seasons with the Colts, 6 straight 12 win seasons, 7 playoff appearances, Four 1st round losses, and 1 Super Bowl appearance and 1 Super Bowl win. Good seasons, bad finishes. In those 7 playoff appearances, we have only made it to the AFC Championship twice. With the Colts, Dungy is 7-6 in the playoffs, 4 of those wins coming in the year we won the Super Bowl. But we must also look at Peyton's numbers. Our record in 9 playoff appearances with Peyton at QB is 7-8, including six 1st round losses. But enough with the numbers. Dungy is gone. Hopefully his replacement, Jim Caldwell, can bring some post-season toughness to this team (though i did see Bob Kravitz call him Tony Dungy lite). And maybe Polian will finally get us a run stopping tackle. Or when was the last time we had a truly menacing linebacker? or how about a bruising running game to take the pressure off Peyton? These are attributes of playoff contenders, a scary D and forceful running game. Peyton has been slinging it for years, but he is getting old. Gunslingers don't age well. Brett Favre retire already. Dan Marino never got a trophy. John Elway didn't got a trophy until late in his career when the Broncos got Terrell Davis to pound the rock. We have a damn good team. But let's face it, Bob is a band-aid. Marvin is not so marvelous. We can't stop the run. We can't run the ball. So, Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell have work to do. So here's to lucky horseshoes. Go Offseason!


Monday, January 5, 2009


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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Our man, Peyton Manning, earned his 3rd MVP trophy of his career. Congrats!! We love ya no matter what. But goldangit we want another ring! We know you are the best QB ever, you just need to prove it to everyone else by winning another Super Bowl (or three). Go Horse!!!

psst. We have a 9 game winning streak, the Chargers only won 8 games all year.