Monday, January 12, 2009

Tony Tony Tone

Mr. Dungy is set to announce his retirement today. So today we will say goodbye to an era of prosperity under a great man and a great coach. The numbers say it all, 7 seasons with the Colts, 6 straight 12 win seasons, 7 playoff appearances, Four 1st round losses, and 1 Super Bowl appearance and 1 Super Bowl win. Good seasons, bad finishes. In those 7 playoff appearances, we have only made it to the AFC Championship twice. With the Colts, Dungy is 7-6 in the playoffs, 4 of those wins coming in the year we won the Super Bowl. But we must also look at Peyton's numbers. Our record in 9 playoff appearances with Peyton at QB is 7-8, including six 1st round losses. But enough with the numbers. Dungy is gone. Hopefully his replacement, Jim Caldwell, can bring some post-season toughness to this team (though i did see Bob Kravitz call him Tony Dungy lite). And maybe Polian will finally get us a run stopping tackle. Or when was the last time we had a truly menacing linebacker? or how about a bruising running game to take the pressure off Peyton? These are attributes of playoff contenders, a scary D and forceful running game. Peyton has been slinging it for years, but he is getting old. Gunslingers don't age well. Brett Favre retire already. Dan Marino never got a trophy. John Elway didn't got a trophy until late in his career when the Broncos got Terrell Davis to pound the rock. We have a damn good team. But let's face it, Bob is a band-aid. Marvin is not so marvelous. We can't stop the run. We can't run the ball. So, Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell have work to do. So here's to lucky horseshoes. Go Offseason!



Fro said...

Well said. Lots of work to do but I am hopeful for an invigorating new start next season.

Awesome photos on your sidebar!

Kate said...

Love the pics!

Well, we all knew it was coming.

And I'll agree, our defense does the best that they can with what they've got...but the don't have enough. Period. The best offense is a good defense, every coach worth their salt will tell you that. Just like every good cook can't make an omelet without cracking an egg.