Sunday, November 30, 2008

High Five!

5 in a row! Look out. Horse is riding! The Browns may be a mediocre team, but it is still a victory. The Defense was very impressive. No TD's allowed and 1 TD scored. The Dwight and Robert combo! Before that scoop and score i was nervous! We seemed to have dug our own grave with Jo's fumble, the failed 4th and goal, Adam missing a field goal and a Peyton INT, but the defense kept making stops and they did it with some BIG hits. And all this without Bobby Sanders, and "I'll have a caucasian, Gary" Brackett going out. 2 guys that impressed me out there today were Clint and Melvin. Mr. Session and Mr. Buillet have impressed me all year.
On the other hand, the O always seemed to be one play away from making something big happen, but never did. They couldn't finish drives and they were bailed out by the D.
I would hope that we would fare better against our next 2 mediocre opponents, Cincinnati and Detroit. After that, we just need to make sure we get in the playoffs and once there, we gotta make things happen.

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Luke said...

Ugly, but it's hard to complain when we're findin' ways to win week in and week out. Mathis may be the MVP of this years squad. And don't look now, but Freeney is hittin his stride. Time to put the hurt on some boys now! GO HORSE!!!