Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Jeff Foster didn't play last night against the Lakers, but, by the looks of the final play you would never have known it. Troy Murphy pulled one right out of the old Jeff Foster play book, tipping in the game winning basket at the buzzer and notching his 17th rebound of the game. It looked to be a typical Pacers game as we hung with the Lakers until the 2:30 mark in the 3rd quarter when, with a 2 point lead, we let the Lakers go on a 17-0 run to end the quarter. But, just when it looked like we were going to fall to 6-11, the defense kicked in early in the 4th and held the Lakers scoreless for just over 4 minutes and allowed the Lakers only 4 made baskets in the entire 4th quarter. The offense used its own 10-0 run and 7 offensive rebounds in the final quarter to get back in the game. With the Lakers up by one point, Kobe missed the teams final shot of the game and Murphy rebounded with :13 left. And, in what looked to be another typical quarter ending play for the Pacers, Marquis threw up a prayer of a reverse layup and then, out of nowhere, the hand of Murphy intervened with our dear Pacers seeming fate and tipped the ball high above the iron, and as Clark Kellogg would say, with a few 'fortuitous' bounces, leather brushed nylon and the Pacers won. 7-10. Mayhem in the fieldhouse.
This could be one of those victories that lights that fire under the team that can carry them through all 4 quarters of every game. It could give us the will to push .500. But hey, it's a long season and tonight we got the Celtics. so buckle down naptown and let's get on a roll!

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