Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, since we last sMURPHed out, the Blue and Gold have dropped 4 straight. 2 to Boston, 1 to the Cavs and 1 to JO's new squad, the Raptors. In the Cavs contest, DG went 2-7 and missed his lone free throw. A poor showing by the standard DG has set for himself this year. LeBron was held to 11 points but he also dished out 11 assists. In the first loss to Boston we got smoked but in the second one we had a lead and then Paul Pierce caught a lucky bounce and drained a three for the tie. We had 2 attempts at the winning shot but in typical fashion the wrong guy, Jarret Jack, attempted and missed both shots. Then we just lost in overtime. The loss to Toronto was a lazy one in which we settled for the outside shot, shooting 7-25 from 3 point land and shooting only 35% overall from the field. Of note, Carmelite Josh McRoberts minutes have increased significantly in the last 6 games from 0 to a couple minutes a game and he has played fairly well. Also of note: still no Mike Dunleavy.
Well, we are 7-14. Not good. We have some good talent but not enough. We are also a team of guys that have just begun playing with each other, so chemistry will take some time. But what is the future? Hopefully success in the 2010 free agency market. If we can add some solid talent to go with DG and TJF, develop Rush and Hibbert, hey we got a solid team. Wow, it really sucks when you have to look forward 2 years to have any hope. GO HORSE!

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