Saturday, February 9, 2008

2nd half

finally murphy hit from outside, 1st half he was broke...and now he forced throws, i'll take it. the worst part of the game so far, as the Fiesty One gets a dunk, is that Fieldhouse is virtually empty. Apparently we have the worst attendance in the league, which is insane in such a hoop-crazy state. Come on Larry Legend, give us something. The Blazers are turning it over, time for our boys to put them away. where the hell is Diogu. with JO out shouldn't he be gettin' some minutes.
its an ugly 3rd quarter and the pacers have built a small lead but cant extend it despite multiple turnovers by the blazers. the threes aint droppin'...end of the third and up eight, we just gotta maintain for 1 more Q, translation, we gotta make shots...Foster picks up two O-boards and finishes both of them. Holdin' onto a 9 point lead. We're about due for a tre...and Deiner comes thru for me. DG thru the lane... and one. Thank goodness for Danny, who knows where we'd be without him tonight. Hell yeah, make it 9 in a row. They didn't have Roy, but a win's a win. In fact, that's 2 in a row. Go Blue and Gold. Naptown represents!!!

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