Saturday, January 5, 2008

2 4 1

i'm here and so is he, that's the dude, and i'm me. we broke the losing streak. Tinsley was out for 4 of the 5 and tonight andre owens had a career high 4 assists. so.... we're not deep at the point. and also, should we trade JO? that's the question the dude thinks we should ask. we honestly don't have much going for us right now. he thinks we should get something for him. some draft picks or something for the future. let's be honest a lineup with JO, DG, and Mike D is not going to get us very far. EVER! trade JO while he's worth something and honestly rebuild, a la the portland trailblazers. nobody wants to watch a .500 team barely make the playoffs each year in a weak conference, only to get beat in the first round and get a mediocre draft pick.
speaking of mediocre, the cheater, with the hoodie that coaches a team that claims a region because no state in their right mind would take them, who was voted coach of the year by media members with short memories, awaits his own playoff demise. And we as loyal horse fans await the emergence of the overlooked reigning Super Bowl Champions. Hello Marvin Harrison. and to quote Barney (from the Simpsons), "Where have you been all my life!" Look out AFC swine!! we haven't had our full offensive arsenal all season. now, with Dallas, Marv and R-E-G, plus Jo runnin' it at ya; TADOW! ain't nobody should just sleep on us. Yimineesheeshaaaa!!! Gotcha! Super Bowl rings, make 'em doubles!!!
Dude and Zoo all at once..


PNW Hoosier said...

WTF is giving Belicheat the coach of the year??!!! How can you condone cheating, then go ahead and reward him by giving him honors? I never thought cheating and honor went in the same sentence. What does that say to all the kiddies out there playing pop warner? Go ahead and cheat, it makes you a better person. I can't wait to see Dungy and the gang trounce them. Wait, it will be Jacksonville first, because they aren't even coming out of the second rount. Rant ended.



You just hit the nail on the head. It's just another in a long list of reasons to hate those fools. They will be the "best" team not to win the Super Bowl. Go Horse!!!

the Dude

Kate said...

Belichik, coach of the year? What a joke. Let's teach the kids a lesson, let's let the whole league know that cheaters are, in fact, winners. Way to go, media members with short memories. Let a 16-0 record turn your head, like the prettiest girl in the room wearing the lowest cut top.

Kate said...

BTW, heard on ESPN last night that the Jacksonville website has New England ranked first in their power rankings - of course - but inclduing an asterik and apparently specifically said for cheating! That's exciting, even if the Jags do have some personal interest there.