Tuesday, May 6, 2008

With So Much Drama in the N-A-P...

...it's kinda hard bein' Zoo and the D-u-d-e. What the "H" Marv? A shooting? Really? That's all Nap needs, another pro athlete involved in a shooting. Until all the facts become clear, I'll only say a few things. Marv is known to be a quiet and respectable cat, both on and off the field, so he deserves the benefit of the doubt...for now. But this kinda garbage is happening way to often is sports. Sean Taylor, of the Washington Redskins was shot to death in his home, Eddie Curry and Antoine Walker, NBA players, were both robbed at gunpoint in their homes, and of course, the whole Pacman Jones saga. Are athletes now targets? It looks like it. I have no problem with having body guards or security, but people are now being shot and killed. Athletes have to understand that they are now targets for their money and their fame. But personally "packin' heat" is a little too vigilante. HIRE PROFESSIONALS. The jury is still out on Marvin, and rightfully so, but it's not so quietly becoming an epidemic that needs to be addressed out and cured quickly.

the Dude

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Kate said...

This is bringing a little personal baggage into it, but honestly is it necessary for Marvin Harrison to even own a handgun? Look, it's legal, I recognize that, and it was legally registered to him, etc., I accept that. If athletes or other celebrities feel threatened, why can't they just hire security? (Agreeing with you there, Dude.) Having, owning a gun makes it personal, immediate, and it's a dumb fact but people are far more likely to be shot or shoot someone when they own a gun. And Marv...if you weren't there, weren't involved (and I really hope that's true), why was your gun even there? Shouldn't it be secured somewhere when not in use by you, the person to whom it's rightfully registered? These things are not toys, as anyone over the age of, oh, three should be aware of.