Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Most Valuable Punk

Sorry Chris Paul. The MVP award may be a lifetime achievement award, this year anyway. Or maybe they just got it wrong and meant to give the award to the guy who apparently made all the difference for the Lakers this year, Pau Gasol. Or maybe we need to remember that this is a superstar league. And when superstar MVP's aren't happy, they trash their teammates, trash the front office and then request a trade. Then they change their mind. Then they change their mind again. Then when they win the MVP award they say the opposite of what they said at the beginning of the year...'I couldn't have done it without my teammates...This is a team award...My teammates deserve this as much as i do'. AAAAAAHH!!! hell. Throw that trophy in the trash, it's been rendered obsolete by idiot voters who have short memories. Voters who even said out loud, so we all could know how stupid they are, that it came down to the last week of the season, and whose team had more victories at the end of the season. So, i guess we can completely discount the other 20 weeks of the season and we can assume that because the Lakers had 57 wins and the Hornets had 56 that that means Crybaby Bryant is the MVP. AAAAARGG! Well, i guess the only justice left is for the Hornets to sting Crybabies Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. UUUUUUUGH! I guess i'm losing faith in the NBA. I mean, the officials don't even know how to count 5 seconds off. Who cares about proper procedures, just get the damn call right. anyway, i'll not dig into that right now...i'll just apologize to Chris Paul on behalf of all those who voted for Crybaby for MVP. And by the way, what makes sportswriters so smart that they get to vote in this matter?


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Kate said...

Feeling the seething rage...

Lovely night last night, yelling at each other about sports and politics :) Thanks, guys!