Saturday, September 13, 2008

The 08 NFL Report

Finally, we're back after a little Olympic hangover, helped along with the monotony of baseball season. But football's back in full swing in both the pro's and the college ranks. The Colts season got off to an inauspicious beginning with a loss to the Chicago Bears to open brand spankin' new Lucas Oil Field. It was almost painful to watch us struggle against such mediocre opponents, but to be fair we're still rusty, with a lot of our starters coming off injury or resting weary bones during most of the pre-season. To be honest, Peyton looked average at best, coming off that "minor" knee surgery, and of course no Saturday last Sunday. Supposedly he'll be back at center tomorrow, but we'll see. The defense, you ask: well they looked in mid-season form giving up over 100 yards to a rookie, Matt Forte, I've never even heard of. Next up, Adrian Peterson. Could we actually start of the season 0-2? We need to get our poop in a group, knock the rust of and ball. We play in the second most difficult division in football and an 0-2 start could really hurt our chances of winning the division.

And now for the good news: The Cheaters got a little taste of Karma last weekend, when Pretty Lady Brady (thanks Zoo) went down with a season ending knee injury. Now, supposedly no one wants to see anyone get hurt, but let's not lie to ourselves. I was actually laughing out loud. That Karma chick is a vengeful little bitch, huh Cheaterchik. I'm just anxious to see how they try and cheat their way out of this one. Maybe try and hurt all the other starting QB's in the league, Tonya Harding style? Have the commish change the rules for them again, stating that all teams must only play their second string QB? Or, just good old fashioned bribing the league? It was a weird first week in the NFL, could be a weird season. All I have to say is GO HORSE!!!

the Dude


Kate said...

I don't want to seem hateful but I certainly don't mind that Brady's out. Mind you, it's not life-threatening nor is it career-ending, so I feel like it's not inappropriate to be damn happy he's out for the season.

Kate said...

Huh - did you read the article to the right about "The Colts' swift discipline of starter"? And I'm also going to also point out the very proper use of the possessive apostrophe.


Yeah Bill Polian doesn't mess around...but one more defensive player we have to replace.

Fro said...

Better dismissal than dismal. Or the Pacer method of discipline, which appears to be...nothing.

Boy, this Colts game is killing me, even in just the 20-second updates.

Fro said...

Oh - sorry - this is Kate. Somehow I'm in on Fro's login.

Fro said...

Good to see some active typing on PK. I have been missing your words.

So, the Horse had me a frightened today. Good work by Peyton to pull in the reigns and save the day.
I just wish they would show some highlights from this incredible rally. Stupid networks!