Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yup that's right, the gold medal is comin' back home where it belongs. And what a game. Spain gave us all we could handle. Fernandez is a true stud. If you don't believe me, look up the "and one" dunk he put on Howard. But in the end my prediction rang true, as Kobe was unwilling to let the US lose. In the fourth, he hit a three, followed by a three and one, and then a clutch runner in the lane. I know many of you out there, Kate, aren't big fans of the guy, but he can ball, and I'm sure glad he was on our team. And you should have seen these guys in the waning seconds and after the game. This wasn't just a game, it meant everything to them. Kudos to Jerry Colangelo and Coach K for putting this team together, but the biggest kudos go to the players, who played with a class, dignity and passion that HAD been lacking in USA hoops for far too long. Thanks fellas.

the Dude

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Kate said...

Hey there, I know you're not a fan either :)

To make you smile, we couldn't find the game on English language TV in our hotel in Denver, so we watched it on Telemundo (must have been a replay.) Kobe Bryant es muy contento.

I'm really happy for the team and for USA basketball. Coach K needs to always coach that team.