Sunday, August 24, 2008


Dude here watchin' the gold medal hoops game live (no I'm serious, had to stream it). It's halftime and the US (read us) is up 8 on Spain. Story of the game so far, the frickin' zebras. The game has been plagued with bad officiating, both ways, and has slowed the game down to a crawl. This is definitely advantageous to the Spaniards, as no one can run with us. The other story is that both teams are shooting a ridiculous 65% from the field. Thank god for D Wade or we might be down in this one. Rudy Fernandez, who's coming this way to the Blazers next year, was on fire in the first half. Fans here (of which I am one 80 games of the year) can start getting excited about this kid. He's athletic, has moves, and is drain-o from deep. Well, the second half is about to start, so I'll be back after the game, hopefully with good news. Just a small prediction real quick, I think Kobe might go off. He got in foul trouble early and looked pissed about it. As someone far more smarter than I once said, "It is not wise to upset a Wookie".

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