Tuesday, November 20, 2007

zooin out

So it begins....thanks to Fro, the dude and zoo have an outlet for all that inspires and all that riles us up as we root for our hometown boys. Here i am back in naptown for the first time in 2 years. In the back ground i have the pacer game on from May 7, 1995 when arguably the greatest clutch shooter of all time put up 8 points in 8.9 seconds on the reviled knicks. I also just returned from the greatest basketball arena in the world (conseco fieldhouse)where i saw the Lakers put us out in the second half. We had no answer for kobe defensively. He had 16 in the first quarter. We hung with em in the first half but came out flat in the third quarter and their lead bloomed from there finally finishing with a 20 point victory. And the lakers are a mediocre team. We got a long way to go. J.O. made me wish we would have traded him for Bynum and Odom. The only bright spot seemed to be the shooting of Shawne Williams, but his defense is lacking. Tinsley was up and down as usual. But who do we have to back him up? Travis Diener. And that's why i saw Marquis Daniels playing some point but he just looks awkward at that position. The thing i don't see with this team is a future. Granger yes, Diogu and Williams maybe but what else Larry? Its hard to take after seeing the Celtics off-season. What are you gonna do Larry? If the team hasn't meshed into an above .500 team by midseason, i'm gonna wanna see some moves by Larry Legend. Well we got an L but at least i got to see coop de ville at the game. whyyyya!

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Naptowners said...

just back from the conseco fieldhouse with gramps, scooter, papie, and zoo; nice joint- and fairly empty. good reason, too. Deal of the Day: $8 Pacer hats. I found a $10 shirt in the closeout bin as well. Now I'm all set for the away game next Wednesday vs Blazers, who i think we can smoke with a little more fire. I encourage all you Hoosiers and other annexed Pacer fans to show up in colors for the game and make some noise as the 6th man. Go Blue!
As I was in the nosebleeds in 206, I did not get a good look at the Pacemates this year. Anyone else?