Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Naptown in P-town

It's that time of year again...no not the holidays, filled with a maddening amount of consumerism and traffic. It's the annual visit of our fine Blue and Gold to the City of Roses. A time when the fair weather fans of the Pacific Northwest get to experience what it really means to be a fan. No bags over heads when the team is playing poorly or sitting on your hands until the 4th quarter when your team finally comes back and wins. It means being loud and proud from the introductions to the final buzzer and on to the next purveyor of fine alcohol. And please people of Portland who may stumble onto this site, don't talk trash under your breath until you get off the train and then become vocal. If you do, then were comin' for ya. We root hard for our team, no matter what the score. We hold our banners high dressed in our colors. This is what it means to be called a fan of your Indiana Pacers. Our team may no longer have viable aspirations of winning a title this year, but we'll be in the Rose Garden and then on up to Key Arena Friday to yell, scream and high-five our boys onto victory. And all of you people out there in the Pacer Kingdom should watch the game. I promise if you don't see us, you'll hear us. And if you don't hear us, then you'll hear about us. BRRS

the Dude

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