Saturday, December 1, 2007

Late Thoughts from the Blazers Game

We got the victory. And I'd have to say we looked pretty good in doing it. This being the first time I have seen the new-look Pacers, I liked what I saw. The up-tempo style really lets J.T. do his thing. He looks more comfortable and aggressive. It also allows Grainger and Dunleavey to get open looks early in the clock. This is in no way a championship contending team, but they play hard, and that's something that maybe has been lacking in past seasons. And they are doing all of this without J.O. They won 4 out of 5 without him, until losing to Seattle with him last night. I love him, but I really think it's time to get rid of him, while maybe we can get something for him. He's always hurt and so far this season he hasn't produce at all. He's a great person and from what I gather has been great in the community back in Nap, but it's time to go a different direction. I actually think that we play better without him, and the record reflects that.

So, now I have to give a little shout out to our fellow Pacer fans Matt and Lauren. I believe these to be the only fans that we have seen at every Blazers game and many of the Seattle games. Not to mention the plethera of games at the ole A&L sports pub here in P-town.

Now, to the Horse. Huge game this weekend in the Hoosier Dome. I think that our offense may finally be back on track, just in the nick of time. It looks like Marv is out until the playoffs, or at least the last game of the season. If he can get healthy and we can get some sort of home field advantage, we all of the sudden become extremely dangerous. Losing Freeney really hurts our D, but I have the utmost faith in the rest of the boys. We still have Mathis, Brock, and company, plus our LBs are healthy and our secondary may be the most underrated in the whole league. I'll tell you this, no one hits harder than our boys back there. We'll need them too, because the Jags traditionally run all over us. So, wherever you're watching the game tomorrow, send good thoughts, and be loud and proud. Go Horse. BRRS


Kate said...

Does JO's 30-point performance last night change your mind at all, even if they didn't pull the W? Maybe he's coming back into his health (for the time being)...

Fro said...

JO was ballin'last night. I wouldn't call for his resignation just yet! I guess we'll have to wait and see what he does the next game. Just too little, too late. I think if he gets healthy he is going to be able gel up the team. Go Pacers!