Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cheats and the Cheating Cheaters who Cheat

No, I'm not talking about the "hoodie" or his cheating organization, yet. This time I'm referring to all those losers who got popped by the Mitchell Report. Clemens, Pettite (sp?), and the like who, rather than own up to what they did, lie until the very last minute and then somehow blame the media or make up some other lame-ass excuse for their lack of moral judgement. Clemens won't admit that he has juiced, even though at 38 years old was putting up as good if not better numbers than he did in his twenties, and his head is the size of some small nations. Pettite admitted, kind of to his use of HGH. He claims it was just twice and only to recover from an injury quickly to help out his needy team. Well isn't that heroic of him. Apparently, we've forgotten all definitions of the term cheating. If it gives you an unfair advantage, this includes a faster injury recovery time Senor Pettite, than your opponents may have, it's cheating. Cut and dry, black and white. The win at all costs mentality of our society long ago crossed the line of right and wrong, but now we are supposed to feel bad for those who chose to take the easy way out? Tripe!! Not this guy. You work extremely hard to win, and if and when you do, you do it with class and professionalism (take notes Patsies). I suspect that in the coming weeks more baseball players will admit half heartily to their 'roid use, and try and make us feel sorry for them. But don't fall for it. Why? Because, as the saying goes "Cheaters never win and winners never cheat!"

On a side note, if any of you out there have not seen the young Portland Trailblazer team play, do so. I know that this is a Naptown blog, and there ain't no one who can ever accuse me of being a sellout, but that team is fun. They play hard and with an enthusiasm rarely seen in pro sports. We beat them here and will do so again, no doubtingly in the Fieldhouse, but I'll root for them in every one of there other games, and do so passionately and without remorse. By the way, they do have 2 Naptowners on the team in Greg Oden and Josh McRoberts, although the latter is a Carmelite, we'll still claim him. Zup. BRRS

the Dude

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