Monday, December 10, 2007

bang bang

sooooo...we get a solid win against a good team in the Magic and then we got the Cavs comin up and inbetween Tinsley gets involved in a little bang bang. Great. He might actually be one of the bright spots this season and then this. Well? Well, at least he's not running up the score, going for it on fourth and one, in field goal range with the game wrapped up (again). You know what...Don't Care!! Karma's a Female Canine. Ol' Sweatshirt Bill has it coming. on the other hand, i love the horse being under the radar. who made the pats nervous last week? The same team we smoked this week. Just like rollin' a double corona 'eh Guillermo?
I'm out

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Kate said...

Indy Star article on Tinsley incident. Doesn't sound nearly as bad as it could be, though when you mix alcohol with guns with angsty people at 3am, no good can come of it.