Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Marquis came through with a quite 26 and the pacers beat the 76ers thanks to a strong run to end the 3rd quarter. J.O. had a solid game and so did Mike D. We now sit in the sixth playoff spot and are actually one win from being tied for the fourth spot. Thanks to the typically weak Eastern Conference, if we can stay just above .500 we should be able to contend for that fourth spot, which includes home court advantage in the first round. It looks like Boston, Detroit and Orlando should be consistent enough to pull the top three spots. But you also got to expect the King to lead Cleveland back into contention.
Well, Tinsley sat out with a minor injury and Andre Owens got the start. Who? Andre Owens from Houston. Houston? yes, Houston. And that is why Marquis got so many minutes. And Quis goes off and we get the W. This team seems to be just erratic enough to cover its own ass. For example, J.O. goes out and we win a bunch of games. Mike D. has been strong lately. We have 5 players averaging double digits in scoring and Mike D. is the highest with just over 17 a game. And we still got Diogu in the hopper. It feels like if we could just get our stuff together a bit more we could really get over the .500 bizness and into the danger zone.

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