Monday, December 17, 2007

Knick 'em in the garden

well we beat the knicks in the garden. in days not so removed from today, that would have been a big deal that probably would have involved some heroics from #31. but times have changed and now we're talkin #7, #11, #33, and tonight it was #17, Mike D. bouncin with 36, and 27 of that in the second half. i think we're a little inconsistent overall, but still, with a little more time together this team could gel quite well. I don't wanna get excited over a W over the knicks, but i feel like soon we might break this flirtation with .500 and become a tough team that might scare some top seeds in the playoffs.....always the optimist i am, and, well, the colts are gonna win the super bowl, so... NAPTOOOOOOOOOOWN!!!

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