Saturday, December 15, 2007


As usual every time I open a sports page, or get on Yahoo sports, or turn on the television all I hear about is the New England Patriots. I know that they are undefeated and probably won't lose one in the regular season, considering they play in the brutally pitiful AFC East, but I'm sick of it. I hate the Patsies for many different reasons, including the fact that they are our Colts nemesis, but the real reason I dislike them so much is their attitude toward sport and competition. They are winners, yes, but they do so with absolutely no class. They run up the score. Their cheating, smug coach blows off the opposing head coaches. And their pretty boy quarterback acts as if this is some sort of birth right. He smacks of some of the Northeast elitism that many complain about when politicians from that part of the country run for president. Somehow they have become the victims in the "Spygate" scandal. If you don't believe me just watch the Jets game tomorrow, as Belicheat and Co. will try and exact some sort of revenge for Mangini tattling on them in the season opener. They got caught cheating, they should own it. The fact that they have tried, and successfully some may say, to spin it and make themselves out to be the wronged party drives me nuts. They have a great owner, a good coach, and a great team. They should be celebrated by all. But they have chosen to lie, cheat, manipulate, and above all play the game with as little class as I have seen in any sport. If you ask me they are taking away from the game more than they are giving right now. So, we'll see if they can skate through the rest of this season unscathed, and then we will see if they can hang with the Colts in January. Hopefully, Karma will fulfill her obligation and they won't even sniff Phoenix in February. Go Horse!

the Dude


Kate said...

I have to say I know no details about the Pats/Jets game yesterday, but was glad to see that it was held to a 10-pt spread. V. unusual for Belichik and co. That said, I agree completely with you, and would still agree even if I weren't a Colts fan. The Pats are classless without a shred of sportsmanlike conduct. It almost sickens me to see people support them.

Kate said...

By the way, there was a great piece on NPR this morning about the Pats potential undefeated season v. the '72 Dolphins. Don Shula thinks that if the 2007 Pats go undefeated, they deserve an asterik. Also another player (and I don't remember who) was peeved at the fact that Belichik got only a $500,000 fine, saying that was nothing for the NFL. Conversely, there were also players who thought the Pats were great.