Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Well, that's just, like, you're opinion, man

So we had a few comments on JO's recent 30 pt. explosion, and all I have to say is just wait. I'd be the first one back on the JO bandwagon if he can stay healthy and put up those numbers. On the other hand they did lose again, and Amare Stoudemire put up 42 pts and 30 some odd rebounds on him. All I'm sayin' is sometimes you gotta cut bait. And in my opinion it's time to do that while we can still get something for him. Every team in the NBA needs a superstar. He was ours, now not so much. And we don't necessarily have one waiting in the wings either. That's how you build teams and contend to win titles. I'm just one man, who lives in Oregon, but that's what I truly think would help our somewhat floundering franchise. Don't get me wrong, I love this team, but as fans we gotta expect more than .500 seasons year after year.

Next...Is it just my Oregon bias or did Dennis Dixon get royally screwed by the Heisman Committee this week. He leading a decent team to a national title, then shreds a knee and all of the sudden you don't even invite him to New York. Classy, very classy. He would probably have won the Heisman going away had he stayed healthy and he only missed two and a half games. Plus look what the Ducks did without him. They were averaging 43 pts with him and now they are only averaging 18. That says enough for me. We all know that he can't and shouldn't win the award, but at least recognize the achievements he post throughout the year and invite him. In my book, it's a complete travesty that couldn't have happened to a more classy guy. Way to go, Heismann Committee. You just earned yourselves Brrnt of the Week.

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I do agree that if they are going to trade him they should take care of it while he is healthy. On the other hand I have to think of Reggie. They built a great team, long ago, around a great but aging player that wanted to finish his time in Indy. As Jermaine's playing time has increased, so has his numbers since his return against Seattle. I am pulling for a healthy and double-double JO!