Sunday, March 30, 2008


just watched the memphis/texas game and billy packer has ruined yet another game with his arrogance, his repetitive stating of the obvious and his generally overbearing self. he actually made me appreciate jim nantz who had to endure it all. then they sent it back to greg gumbel in the studio...mute button! meanwhile boys have been on the hardwood becoming men. if kansas does what it do against davidson (go Davidson!) then we'll have 4 # 1 seeds goin at it next week. and they are the 4 best teams in the country and the tournament has brought that out. but hey, give it up to davidson and stephen curry (103 points), the slipper fits well. the hoosier state, meanwhile, sucked it up all over the gym. the boilers look to have a bright future while it looks kinda dim for the dogs and the hoosiers. over in the big ten, the badgers and spartans repped the conference sufficiently but not spectacularly. you had to see the badgers loss to davidson comin, the badgers are always the type of team that could hang with the best teams and lose to the worst and never makes the final what was with cbs' coverage of the round of 16? 8 games, 2 days. why couldn't they show us all 4 games on both days. instead, they overlapped the games and our basketball viewing was cut in half. i gotcher prime time right here. well, if it aint gonna be davidson, i 'll probably be rootin for the oregon boy, kevin love, even though he plays for uclafaceland (at least they produced reggie miller). well, the kansas/davidson game is starting. gus johnson and len elmore are refreshing voices. gus johnson got the key.
just waiting for 'One Shining Moment'...

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