Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beantown Blues

Just a couple musings from the recent happenings in the world of sport. The C's proved me wrong and put it on the Late Show in the finals. I picked the Lakers, but was rooting for Boston. I love KG, he's probably my favorite player in the league. I am so glad to see him win a title, along with Ray Allen, one of the classiest players in the NBA. But, and it's a huge but, I hate Boston sports. Now we have to listen to all those chowdaheads, and everyone else in that region that claim Boston as their home team, talk about title town BS. I am coming to realization that even though I like the atheletes, my disdain for the city and it's fans now exceeds my willingness to root for the "teams". So to all you Beantown fans, thanks, I will never again cheer for your teams. Other than that, kudos to the "Big 3" and the rest of the Celtics. Their defense was stifling and their offense, good enough. Plus, this keeps that arrogant prick, Phil Jackson, from winning another ring. Life ain't so easy without two hall of famers is it, you condescending jerk?

On another note, how good is Tiger Woods? He wins the US Open on a shredded knee and two fractures in his tibia. Two words: Best Ever. He will go down as the greatest golfer ever. The competition on the PGA Tour is amazing right now, and he won severely injured. Now he's taking the rest of the season off to get surgery and rehab that bum left leg. If he gets right, look out next year. I thought nobody could be Tiger when he's at his best. Apparently, you can't even beat him when he's not.

the Dude

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Kate said...

I can't decide if it was brave or stupid of him to play injured - after all, it is a requirement to walk the course, no surprise. In any case it's pretty astounding that (as you pointed out) he can't even be beat when he's down. Dare we say future greatest player of all time?