Friday, June 27, 2008


well, the face(s) of the pacers has changed. We got rid of our only all-star caliber player and we got a lotta new, young guys. Alltogether we drafted Brandon (brother of Kareem) Rush and Roy Hibbert. And through trades, we got T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic, Maceo Baston(former Pacer for a season), Jarret Jack and Josh McRoberts. All this while dealing J.O. and Ike Diogu. Unfortunately for the Carmelite, McRoberts, there may not be room on the roster, say hello NBDL. Meanwhile, we have 2 new point guards, so ya gotta figure Tinsleys time here is short. so where does that leave us? heres my projected starting lineup...PG-T.J. Ford, SG-Mike Dunleavy, SF- Danny Granger, PF-Troy Murphy, C- Rasho Nesterovic. The loss of Jermaine leaves us with a serious lack of depth at the PF position. Actually, were not very deep in general. Hopefully, 4 things happen, we can re-sign Ronald Murray, Shawne Williams steps up his game, B. Rush and Hibbert can contribute immediately and we deal Tinsley. Then its just a matter of being patient and see if Larry Legend has anymore over the backboard shots up his sleeve.

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