Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Look Blue & Gold

Some major changes took place while the Dude was out of the country. Seven to be exact. The trade of JO needed to happen, and in my opinion was one season too late. All we got for him was TJ Ford, Stepehn Graham and Rasho Nesterovic. Not bad players, but no superstar. Then we trade Bayless, our first rounder to the Blazers for Jarret Jack, Josh McRoberts, and Brandon Rush. I like Rush, but Jack is average at best and McRoberts shouldn't even make the team, no matter if he's from Carmel or not. And with three young point guards on the roster, this definately spells the end for JT. We also got big man Roy Hibbert in the draft. This pick I really like. He's a legitimate 7'2", and should be able to clog the middle and let the fiesty one get back to just clearing boards and givin us those all important hustle plays. The youth of this team is intriguing. TJ Ford is a real NBA point guard, if he can stay healthy. DG is still very young and just beginning to hit his stride. Dunleavy had his best season as a pro and hopefully will continue to get comfortable at this level. We add Brandon Rush, another swingman, who could turn out to be a lockdown defender, as well as someone who can get to he rim and create for others. Add our vets, like Foster, and hopefully Flip Murray, and we have a good solid base. We'll have to see what happens with Tinsley. He obviously is the odd man out. Can we get anything for him or do we just waive him? As Zoo said, it's time for patience, as we lay the foundation for the future. Let's just hope it's the near future, 'cause as we all know Naptown needs it's hoops. Come on Birdman, hook us up.

the Dude

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Kate said...

Huzzah, Jeff Foster!