Sunday, October 12, 2008

Questions Answered

Can we finally get a W in the new stadium? Hell yeah we can. And with authority, over a good team. Your Indianapolis Colts dominated on both sides of the ball. Defensively we stopped the run, holding McGahee and the rest of the Baltimore Ravens running backs to 51 total rushing yards. Plus we created 4 turnovers, three picks and a fumble. Now that's more like it. Couple that with four sacks and it's little wonder the Ravens only managed a measly 3 points.
Offensively, we looked like the potent, high scoring team we thought we would see all season. Looks like the rust may finally be shaken off. Manning was sharp, with a 63 yard bomb to Marv to start things off. Add a 22 yarder to Reg, and a 67 yarder also to Reg that was called back because of a holding penalty and lookout AFC. We did lose Joe to a hamstring injury, but Dom filled in nicely with 78 yards. We needed this win, moreover this kind of win badly. Our confidence looks to be back, and in the nick of time, as Zoo pointed out, our schedule is brutal the next month.
Other thoughts:

-Welcome back Marv. I'll gladly eat a little crow. He absolutely blew by McAlister on that bomb for the TD.

-No turnovers. That's huge against the league's best D.

-Mathis is a freaking machine. Three more sacks and another fumble recovery. With teams keying on Dwight, he's able run wild and wreak havoc in pass situations. Hey Zoo, time to find a nickname for this guy.

-Finally, can we get a Colts game out here on the left coast? Hey CBS, specifically KOIN, the Raiders suck. We don't live anywhere near Oakland and no one cares about them. At least show a watchable game.

Badeep, Badeep, that's all folks. Go Horse.

the Dude

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Kate said...

Thank you for the love for the west coast Colts fans.

I'll think about sportsmanship v. ticket sales tomorrow :)