Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm Back

Now that my interweb connection is back where it needs to be, I can join the Zoo once again with my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Let's get down to business. First things first, to wrap up the college basketball season, I think the hiring of Tom Crean as IU's new coach is a great hire. He's sorta old school and I think that's what that program needs. Plus he got great talent to go play at Marquette, so just think what he can do down in B-town. Hoosier fans may need to be patient though, as the team my get new sanctions and players may leave the program. I guess, we'll just have a to wait until November and see. Next let's talk some NBA. The Pacers mercifully did not make the playoffs and will enter June's lottery draft. This years draft may not be too deep, but I think there are some players in the top 10 that may be able to address some of our problems. Derrick Rose may be the #1 pick, but if he slips or we can trade up we can finally get rid of JT. We also need to look at what front court talent is out there. We definitely lack depth at the size positions. The Simons and Larry both promise changes and with Donnie now in NY, we'll really see what kind of GM Bird will be. And finally moving on to the playoffs. The West is just absolutely sick. There is no such thing as an upset over here. Right now it looks as if LA and Utah are the teams to beat, in my opinion. The Lakers just have so much fire power and if they get Bynum back healthy look out. And the Jazz may be the most under rated team in the league. Boozer is a beast and Derron Williams is strong point guard who is will to take and make big shots. Plus, I think they only lost 4 games at home this year. Back in the East it looks like a two horse race between the Celtics and Pistons. Both teams have veterans and know how to win. But let's not discount the Cav's. Lebron is a man, and can put that team on his shoulders (last year game 6 in the D anyone). But the NBA will want the Lakers vs. Celtics, and you know Adolf Stern will do what he can to make that happen. One last thought, is anyone paying attention to how bad Seattle is getting the shaft out here. They may very well have played their last game in the god-awful Key Arena, but it will be a shame. You (and the NBA) knew that the owners from Oklahoma were going to move the team to OKC, but how shady was it. To lie to the city and fans and tell them that they would do everything they could to keep them there and then find some BS reason to move them is ridiculous. All with the blessing of the dictator, I mean commissioner Mao Tse Stern. When will somebody finally stand up to this world-class turd fondler. I just hope someone does before it's too late and the NBA turns into MLB. Well kids, that's all for now. Zup.

the Dude



adolf and mao tse, i love it!

Kate said...

What's up with Seattle, anyway? I don't follow the NBA as much as *others*, but it seems like a waste and a shame to ship a team off elsewhere because of money and arenas. I guess at the end of the day it's a business like any other, but still...there should be some love for the community which has supported them for, what, 40 years?

Amy said...

I say KG is the shiz-nit, and should be MVP.

slaz said...

did anyone see this? Indianapolis Colts are the number 1 franchise in professional sports. Sweet.

Colts ranked as top sports franchise
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INDIANAPOLIS — The top franchise in all of professional sports is … the Indianapolis Colts, according to the current issue of ESPN The Magazine.

In "The Ultimate Standings'' -- the Colts rank as the best franchise among the 122 professional teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball. They were No. 4 a year ago.

Meanwhile, the Indiana Pacers check in at No. 112, up two spots from 2007.

The sixth annual rankings are a compilation of eight categories: title track (the Colts are 15th), ownership (11th), coaching (ninth), players (eighth), fan relations (eighth), affordability (25th), stadium experience (66th) and bang for the buck (third).

This Colts-related assessment from Peter Keating, the article's writer: "No team gives back to fans (more) for the emotion, money and time they invest as Jim Irsay's club does."

The standings don't reflect just cold, hard stats, although it doesn't hurt the Colts that in 2007 they became the first team in NFL history to win at least 12 games in five consecutive seasons. They also won the Super Bowl after the '06 season.

A marketing firm polled 1,000 fans to help determine emotional and financial investment. Also, polled more than 60,000 fans of the four pro leagues on 21 areas of performance.

Kate said...

Huzzah Colts! Something good in the sports world for Indiana.