Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's only the first round, but the drama is top notch in the NBA. so many intriguing questions and we get to sit back and let the answers play themselves out. Can the 76ers actually knock off the old boys from Detroit? Who is the MVP? kobe and CP3 are playing out of their minds. can you say co-MVP? Will T-Mac ever make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs? If Denver, Dallas and Phoenix lose in the first round, what will happen to their teams in the offseason. Can you say powder keg? If they blow it up, Larry Legend better be their to pick up some pieces. We know about Chris Paul, but are the Hornet for real? Are they good enough to hang the banner? And what about the C's of Baawston? Can they add to the multitude of banners that hang above the parquet? And then there's the reigning Eastern Conference champs, can Bron-Bron lead the Cavs back to the finals? Will Flop Ginobli and Boring Duncan ruin another NBA finals? Is the Toronto/Orlando series relevant? Ahhhhh! so many questions require just as many answers...sit back and enjoy.

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